Tiger At The Door Questions & Answers

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Tiger At The Door Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

“We have no choice but to break-in.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Rusty said this to Pitamber and Popat.

(b) Where were they at this time?

Answer: They were outside Mandali rest house.

(c) Why did they have no choice?

Answer: They had no choice but to break in because a tiger was following them.

(d) What would they have to break into? Why?

Answer: They would have to break into Mandali rest house to keep themselves safe from the tiger that had been following them.

Question 2: Why were the boys in Chakrata and where were they going?

Answer: The boys were on a nature trek in Chakrata and were going towards Mandali.

Question 3: What made Rusty feel that they were being stalked?

Answer: Rusty could hear a twig crackle now and then or the soft thud like that of an animal walking. He could also smell a feline sort of odour. That made him feel that they were being stalked.

Question 4: What did Rusty say they should and should not do?

Answer: Rusty advised Popat and Pitamber that they ought to stay together and stay calm and should not run. He also told them that they should continue on their way to Mandali rest house and not turn back because the tiger was behind them.

Question 5: What problem did the boys face when they reached the rest house?

Answer: When the boys reached the rest house, they found that it was locked from the outside and there was nobody around.

So, these were Tiger At The Door Questions & Answers.

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