White Mice Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share White Mice Questions & Answers.

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White Mice Questions & Answers

Question 1: Put these sentences in the correct order:


…7…Convinced that his room was full of mice, Uncle Ken spent the night on an old sofa in the storeroom.
…6…Suddenly two mice peeped out from his clothes.
…1…After his return, the speaker hid the white mice in the box carefully.
…5…Grandfather had already guessed about the mice and joined the fun by telling Uncle Ken to remove his clothes.
…4…After everyone had gone to bed, Uncle Ken came running up, screaming about mice running inside his clothes.
…3…The speaker hid the mice under the bed sheet in his uncle’s room.
…2…He had thought of a plan to take revenge on Uncle Ken.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

Mr. Ghosh’s house was just behind the station.

(a) Who was Mr.Ghosh?

Answer: Mr. Ghosh was a stationmaster at Lucknow.

(b) Why did the speaker go to his house?

Answer: The speaker had boarded the wrong train from Dehradun. When he realised that, he got down at Lucknow. He went to the Stationmaster’s room to send a telegram to his grandparents to inform them about where he was. When Mr Ghosh heard of this, he invited the young boy to stay at his house till his grandparents arrived.

(c) What did he do there?

Answer: Mr. Ghosh offered the boy a cup of tea and two large rasgulla. He also showed his pet white mice on a miniature railway set to him. The speaker was so impressed that he fed biscuits to the mice. Then, he fell asleep on an armchair in Mr Ghosh’s living room.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

“A present for you and your grandfather!”

(a) Who said this to whom?

Answer: Mr. Ghosh said this to the young boy.

(b) What was the present?

Answer: The present included a box with two of Mr Ghosh’s pet white mice inside.

(c) Why did the speaker decide upon that particular gift?

Answer: He noticed that the boy and his grandfather liked white mice so he decided to gift them two of the mice.

Question 4: Why did uncle ken rush out of his room?

Answer: Mr Ghosh gifted two white mice to the young boy and his grandfather when they were returning home. The boy had planned to play a prank on his uncle Ken with white mice who had put him in the wrong train. At night, he kept mice under his uncle’s bedsheets. The mice entered Ken’s clothes. His uncle screamed with fear and he rushed out of his room to get help.

Question 5: How did Grandfather try to solve Uncle Ken’s problem?

Answer: When uncle came out of his room screaming, grandfather understood the whole story. He himself was enjoying the scene immensely and to have more fun, he suggested uncle to remove his clothes.

So, these were White Mice Questions & Answers.

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