Wind Song Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Wind Song Questions & Answers.

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Wind Song Questions & Answers

Question 1: Mark these sentences as true or not true:

1. A cool breeze was blowing outside the cabin when Rachel’s father returned – Not True
2. Rachel’s brother first heard the canary singing – Not True
3. The tune that Rachel was humming was one that she had picked up by listening to the wind – True
4. Rachel’s father wanted to send the animals to safety before running home – True
5. The tornado destroyed their crops but Rachel’s family were grateful to be alive – True

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

“That’s a mighty fine piece of work.”

(a) Who said these words to home?

Answer: Rachel’s father said this to Rachel when she showed her neatly stitched quilt to him.

(b) What were they talking about?

Answer: They were talking about a hand-stitched quilt made by Rachel.

(c) Did the speaker actually like the piece of work? How do you know?

Answer: Yes, the speaker actually liked the piece of work. This is because speaker described quilt with the words like cheerful, neat, colourful, masterpiece. Also, he suggested to show it off at the market.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

A man who had stopped by was also watching the bird intently.

(a) Who was the other person watching the bird?

Answer: The other person was a passerby who was watching the bird.

(b) Where were these people standing?

Answer: These people were standing in the doorway of a general store.

(c)  What did the man tell the other person about the bird?

Answer: The man told that the canary could listen to the wind.

Question 4: Why was Rachel’s family excited about going to the market?

Answer: Rachel’s family was excited about going to the market because the market place was quite away from their house and Rachel would be showing off her handstitched quilt in the market.

Question 5: How did the canary bring joy into the lives of Rachel and her mother?

Answer: After they brought the canary home, the bird kept all of them entertained by singing continuously. He converted their dull everyday life into a joyful one.

Question 6: When did Rachel realise that something was wrong with the canary? What does it tell you about Rachel?

Answer: Rachel realised that something was wrong with the canary when she noticed that he was sitting still in his cage, which was unusual. This shows that Rachel was thoughtful and alert.

So, these were Wind Song Questions & Answers.

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