Vertical Descent Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Vertical Descent Questions & Answers.

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Vertical Descent Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

1. Axel finally looked over the rock into the chimney because he…

(a) realised that they would have to enter it.
(b) wanted to find out why the chimney was interesting.
(c) was returning home.

2. Lindenbrock said that they would not be taking the stairs because….

(a) Hans knew of an alternative route.
(b) he understood tat climbing downwards was impossible.
(c) he had already thought of an alternative way to climb down.

3. Axel ignored his uncle’s enthusiastic observation on the nature of the rocks as he was….

(a) anxious about the never-ending journey inside the chimney.
(b) terrified of the darkness.
(c) angry with his uncle.

4. Axel was finally relieved when….

(a) His uncle discovered that they had reached the bottom of the chimney.
(b) Hans said that they would rest.
(c) he saw light in front of them.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions.

My hair stood on end with terror.

(a) Who said these lines?

Answer: Axel said these lines.

(b) Why was he so terrified?

Answer: He was so terrified because the chimney seemed to be bottomless and he found no railing for the steps.

(c) What did he do right after this?

Answer: He immediately shared his observation with his uncle.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions.

We would soon be returning home.

(a) Who does this line refer to?

Answer: This line refers to Axel and Lidenbrock.

(b) Why was the speaker so hopeful?

Answer: The speaker was hopeful because uncle told that they would not use stairs to climb down the crater.

(c) Were his hopes met?

Answer: No, his hopes were not fulfilled because his uncle had other plans. He uncoiled a thick four hundred feet long rope and dropped half of it on the ground. Then, he tied it to the rock and threw the other half into the pit. He wanted to jump holding the rope.

Question 4: Where had Axcel and his uncle journeyed to? Why?

Answer: Axel and his uncle journeyed to a volcano with three craters in Iceland. The craters had indirect route to center of Earth where uncle wanted to go.

Question 5: How did the three men react to the downward climb inside the chimney?

Answer: Axel was hopeless about the climb downwards and was scared to death. Hans was cautious throughout and advanced steadily and carefully warning the others whenever he stepped on a loose stone. Lidenbrock was the most positive of the all.

Question 6: Why was Axel growing more and more hopeless with time?

Answer: Axel did not want to enter the crater. He was afraid that the downward journey would be disastrous. Axel could not see any way to escape from the dark and dangerous place. Even after three hours of climbing downwards, they were nowhere near the end of the crater. So, he grew more and more hopeless.

Question 7: When did the journey finally end?

Answer: The journey finally ended after four hours of climbing downwards. When Axel noticed that the walls of the chimney had started sloping closer and that it was growing darker, his uncle declared that they had reached the bottom of the chimney.

So, these were Vertical Descent Questions & Answers.

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