What Happened To The Reptiles Questions & Answers

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What Happened To The Reptiles Questions & Answers

Question 1: In what way is Pambupatti different from any other village?

Answer: People in Pambupatti lived peacefully as they did not fight or get involved in communal riots in the name of religion or language or caste, colour or even eating habits. This made Pambupatti different from any other village.

Question 2: Why is Prem determined not to return to his village?

Answer: People in Prem’s village started fighting in the name of religion and that provoked communal riots resulting in killing of people and burning of houses. Prem’s house too was put to flames and he had to run from his village to save himself. He was terrified, unsafe and also ashamed for the act of his villagers. Due to this Prem was determined not to return to his village.

Question 3: Why did Makara dislike tortoises, snakes and lizards? Write a line about each.

Answer: Makara disliked tortoises as they were slow and stupid and even carried their houses on their backs.
Makara disliked snakes as they were slimy and made funny noises, he was not in favour of having such weird creatures around.
Makars disliked lizards as they had the strangest habits and some of them can even change their colour which made them unreliable.

Question 4: What went wrong when the tortoises, snakes and lizards left the forest?

Answer: There was a real tough time in the forest when tortoises, snakes and lizards left the forest. Soon the forest began to fill with strange smell of rotting fruits and rotting animals in the river due to the absence of tortoises as they used to eat them. The population of rats grew as there were no snakes to eat them. Rats were everywhere in the forest and ate up the eggs to lizards and crocodiles. As the lizards were also gone, there were millions of insects growing bigger and nastier day by day.

Question 5: Why do you think Prem wants to tell the story of the reptiles to the people of his village?

Answer: Prem ran away from his village as the villagers went crazy and were unnecessarily fighting with each other in the name of religion and community. He wanted to share the story of reptiles to the people of his village to make them understand that every individual person or community or religion has its own place and value in this society or world. Creating divisions on such basis will only invite problems and discomfort. The story of reptiles highlighted the idea of living together in peace and harmony. Prem wanted to carry the same message to his village.

Question 6: Do you agree that it is difficult not to go along with someone who is very strong and powerful? Express your views frankly and clearly?

Answer: It is a general observation that common people are peace loving and submissive in nature. Majority of them want to live their life in peace for the safety of their own and their loved ones. They do ignore the acts of tyranny or unjust authority due to the same reason. However, if every ordinary person takes a stand against such unjust acts, it is very much possible to give a tough fight for such tyrants raise their heads and eventually may lead to peace and harmony.

Question 7: If you were a baby crocodile, would you tell Makara that he was wrong? What would you say to convince him?

Answer: If I were a baby crocodile, I would have definitely given my best to make Makara understand my point of view. Makara was the president as he was biggest of all crocodiles. The other reptiles in the forest took him as a leader and it’s the responsibility of the strong and the leaders to take care of the weak and others who are following him and not to take the undue advantage of their weaknesses. Every individual has its own place and value in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment and that they have equal right to live in peace and harmony. Living together makes this place worth living.

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