Uncle Richard’s New Year Dinner Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Uncle Richard’s New Year Dinner Questions & Answers.

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Uncle Richard’s New Year Dinner Questions & Answers

Question 1: Give reasons why:

1. Prissy didn’t wish her uncle at the store.

Answer: Prissy knew that her uncle, Richard and her father had quarreled many years ago and did not speak to each other anymore.

2. Uncle Richard would have an unhappy new year.

Answer: Uncle Richard lived alone. He was going to the town and would cook his New Year dinner himself after he returned from there. He would have an unhappy new year because he would be spending the day alone.

3. Prissy thought of leaving at twelve o’clock.

Answer: Prissy wanted to leave at twelve o’clock because she had finished cooking for Uncle Richard. She also felt that he would be back soon and wanted to slip away before he returned.

4. Prissy started stammering in front of her uncle.

Answer: Prissy thought that Uncle Richard would be angry that she had entered his house in his absence. So, she started stammering when her uncle suddenly returned home and asked her what she was doing there.

5. Uncle Richard was grateful to Prissy.

Answer: Uncle Richard was grateful to Prissy because she had cooked a nice meal for him and provided him with comfort and company on New Year’s Day in spite of his rudeness to her father. She had also told him that her father still loved him.

6. Prissy sat down to dinner with Uncle Richard.

Answer: Uncle Richard invited Prissy to share the meal with him. SO, she sat down with him.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions.

This was an adventure – this was fun!

(a) What was the adventure?

Answer: Prissy had entered Uncle Richard’s house through the woodshed door when he was away at the town. She had planned to cook an entire meal for him and leave, so that he would not have to cook by himself after he returned. It would be a nice surprise for him. This was an adventure.

(b) Why did the person think that it was going to be fun?

Answer: Prissy thought it would be fun because neither uncle nor her father knew about her plan of cooking dinner for uncle.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions.

“I’m surprised that your father let you come.”

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: Uncle Richard said this to Prissy.

(b) Why was the speaker surprised?

Answer: Richard had quarrelled with Prissy’s father, Irving, many years ago. The two brothers had not spoken to each other after that. So, when he saw Prissy in his kitchen, Richard was surprised that his brother would let her come to his house.

(c) What did the other person say in response?

Answer: Prissy told Uncle Richard that her father did not know about her plan as he was not at home, but that he still loved Uncle Richard.

Uncle Richard’s New Year Dinner Questions & Answers

Question 4: What sort of a person was Prissy? Say with examples from the text.

Answer: Prissy is a cheerful girl who wanted to wish her uncle happy New Year the moment she saw him at the store. She, however, was sensitive enough to realise that her uncle might not want to talk to her because he was angry with her father. She is also very thoughtful and kind. So, she decided to cook the same dinner for Uncle Richard that she and her father would have at home to celebrate the New Year. She also baked a raisin pudding, her uncle’s favourite dessert, for him. She adventurously decided to set off for her uncle’s house and entered it through the woodshed door, though she knew that it was risky and her uncle might be very angry if he discovered her there. Later, after her uncle arrived, she sat down to dinner with him, to provide him with the comfort of family. She also immediately invited her uncle home to spend time with her father and her on New Year.

Question 5: What did Prissy do to spread cheer in her uncle’s life?

Answer: Prissy cooked an entire meal for her uncle. The dinner, which consisted of potatoes, turnips and cabbage, was the same as she was having with her father at home. She also baked a raisin pudding for Uncle Richard as she knew that it was his favourite. After her uncle returned and invited her to share the meal, she happily sat down with him. She also told that her father still loved him and invited him to come home to spend the New Year’s Day with them. She brought company, comfort and joy into her uncle’s life.

Question 6: Why did Uncle Richard eat his meal so heartily?

Answer: Uncle Richard was cold and hungry. When he returned home, he found a very well-cooked dinner lying on his table. He was very grateful for the hot meal lying ready on the table for him. He was also very happy as his own niece, Prissy, was there to accompany him while he had his New Year dinner. So, he ate heartily.

Question 7: How does the text highlight the importance of family?

Answer: Prissy cooked dinner for Uncle Richard so that he would not have to cook his meal after returning cold and hungry from the town. She also sat down to share the dinner with him. Had she not come to his house, Uncle would be spending New Year’s Day alone. In fact, Uncle admitted that he was upset with people who wished him a happy New Year’s Day as he knew that he had no one to celebrate it with. The moment Prissy told him that her father still loved him, Richard felt relieved and apologized for his behaviour towards Irving. He also requested Prissy to ask her father if he could come and visit them sometimes. He clearly missed the comfort of being with his family.

So, these were Uncle Richard’s New Year Dinner Questions & Answers.

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