Lemon Pie Questions & Answers

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The poem is written by Edgar Albert Guest. In this poem, the poet writes of his love for lemon pie. He describes how the colours and flavours of a simple home-made lemon pie baked by his wife, make him forget every problem in his life.

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Lemon Pie Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Grit – courage and resolve
  • Hovered – here, stayed constantly
  • Banish – send something away
  • Smack our lips – lick one’s lips with relish

Question 1: What is the world full of?

Answer: The world is full of happiness and cure for all kinds of sadness.

Question 2: When does the speaker feel relieved of his worries?

Answer: The speaker feels relieved when he eats a lemon pie made by his wife.

Question 3: When does the speaker’s heart grow bold?

Answer: The speaker’s heart grows bold when the lemon pie is served on a plate.

Question 4: How do the speaker and his children react to a plate of freshly baked lemon pie?

Answer: The speaker and his children cheer happily.

Question 5: What happens after the speaker has eaten his fill?

Answer: After eating his fill, the speaker feels happy and carefree. He finds courage to banish all his problems.

Question 6: How does the poem highlight the child-like qualities of the speaker?

Answer: The speaker’s joy when he sees and eats a simple home-made lemon pie highlights his child-like qualities. He says all his cares and worries fade away when he learns that his wife is baking a lemon pie. When a piece of the lemon pie is served to him on a plate, he rejoices at the bright colours. He grows bold and joins his children in shouting cheerfully. He feels overjoyed after he has eaten the lemon pie and feels that all his sorrows have disappeared. There is no better treat in the world than a lemon pie. So, he thinks of it as a ‘golden treasure’.

Question 7: How does the imagery in the poem ‘Lemon Pie’ convey the speaker’s love for food? Explain.

Answer: The speaker of the poem uses colour imagery to focus on his love for the lemon pie. He combines the ‘bronze’ or the brown colour of the pie base and the bright yellow colour of the lemon pie and calls the whole pie ‘a mass of shining gold’. The brightness of the colours seems to spill over on to the plate and is reflected in the joyous cry of the speaker and his children. As the deliciousness of the lemon pie makes the speaker forget his worries, he calls it a ‘golden treasure’, indicating the richness of its colours and flavours.

So, these were Lemon Pie Questions & Answers.

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