The Minor Bird Questions & Answers

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The Minor Bird Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Minor – small or not important
  • Bear no more – could not listen to it any longer
  • Key – here, the bird’s song
  • Silence – to force something or someone to stop

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

1. Which of the following best describes the speaker’s reaction to the bird that sings outside his house?

(a) He finds the bird’s singing soothing.
(b) He is irritated by the bird’s singing.
(c) The bird’s singing fills him with joy.

2. Why does the speaker clap his hands at the bird (line 3)?

(a) to warn it that there is a cat nearby.
(b) to applaud the bird’s singing.
(c) to scare it away.

3. Which of the following sentences uses bear in the same way that it is used in line 4?

(a) I cannot bear another day in this horrible place!
(b) We saw a bear in the woods.
(c) That tree does not bear fruit.

Question 2: Why was the speaker annoyed?

Answer: The speaker was annoyed with a bird that sang by his house all day.

Question 3: What irritated him the most? How did he try to solve the problem?

Answer: The bird’s song irritated him most. He tried to solve the problem by clapping his hands to scare away the bird.

Question 4: In the beginning, whose fault did the speaker think it was? Whose fault did he think it was later?

Answer: In the beginning, the speaker thought that it was bird’s fault but later he realised that wanting to silence any song was wrong and the fault is his.

Question 5: What is the meaning of key in the poem?

Answer: Here, it means the aim of bird’s life. As nature has allotted the bird to sing so the same task the bird is doing. It was not singing to irritate the poet.

So, these were The Minor Bird Questions & Answers.

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