Bapu’s Sandals Questions & Answers

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Bapu’s Sandals Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dhoti – a piece of cloth tied around the waist and which covers most of the legs
  • Spectacles – eye glasses
  • Board – to get into a vehicle
  • Arrived – reached
  • Amazed – surprised

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What did people call Gandhiji?

i. Father
ii. Bapu

(b) What did Gandhiji love?

i. peace
ii. fighting

(c) Why did Gandhiji board the train?

i. to meet the people in the train
ii. to go to another city

(d) Where did Gandhiji’s sandal fall?

i. on the platform
ii. on the road

Question 2: Who is called the ‘Father of the Nation’?

Answer: Gandhiji is called the ‘Father of the Nation’.

Question 3: What did Gandhiji believe in?

Answer: Gandhiji believed in speaking the truth. He loved peace and did no like to fight with anyone.

Question 4: What type of chappals did Mahatma Gandhi wear?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi wore handmade chappals.

Question 5: What did Gandhiji wear?

Answer: Gandhiji wore only an ordinary white dhoti around his waist and simple handmade sandals on his feet. He wore a pair of round spectacles.

Question 6: How did Gandhiji lose his sandal?

Answer: While boarding the train, one of his sandals slipped off his foot and fell on the platform.

Question 7: Why did Gandhiji throw the second sandal on the platform?

Answer: Gandhiji threw the second sandal so that any poor man on the platform can use them both.

Question 8: Read the story of Bapu’s Sandals and sequence the events in the correct order.


…3…Gandhiji’s followers were also traveling with him to another city.
…6…Gandhiji threw his second sandal for a poor man to use them both.
…1…Gandhiji is known as the ‘Father of the Nation’.
…2…Gandhiji wore an ordinary white dhoti around his waist.
…5…While Gandhiji was climbing on board one of his sandal fell of the platform.
…4…Gandhiji let people enter the train before him.

So, these were Bapu’s Sandals Questions & Answers.

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