Children’s Morning Prayer Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Children’s Morning Prayer Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Mary Fairchild. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of Now That I Can Read, The Moon For Dinner and The Story Of The Four Seasons so, you can check these posts as well.

Children’s Morning Prayer Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Praise – speak well of
  • Command – order
  • Doubt – feeling of being unsure

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What does the child do in the morning?

i. bow and pray
ii. yawn and sleep

(b) What does the dark cloud bring with it?

i. happiness
ii. pain

(c) With whose help will the child learn and grow?

i. God’s help
ii. his mother’s help

Question 2: How does the child begin his prayer?

Answer: The child begins his prayer with thanks.

Question 3: When does the poet won’t doubt or hide in fear?

Answer: The poet won’t doubt or hide in fear if sunshine turns to rain and dark cloud brings some pain.

Question 4: What does the child thank and praise God for?

Answer: The child thanks and praises God for his kind and loving ways.

Question 5: Why does the child have no fear?

Answer: The child has no fear because for her, God is always near.

Question 6: When will the child help his friends?

Answer: The child will help his friends in time of need.

Question 7: Why would the poet follow God?

Answer: The poet would follow God because she trusts that whatever God will do, will be the best.

Question 8: What will happen because of God’s help?

Answer: Because of God’s help, the poet will learn and grow.

Question 9: What does the child request God to do for his family?

Answer: The child requests God to hold his family in his arms.

Question 10: What promise does the child make to God in the end?

Answer: The child promises God that she will keep God in his sight till she falls asleep.

Question 11: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
a. The child starts each day byi. he crawls in bed at night.
b. The child will go whereverii. bowing to pray.  
c. The child will keep God close in sight untiliii. God sends him.  
Answer: a-ii, b-iii, c-i

So, these were Children’s Morning Prayer Questions & Answers.