Birbal and The Barber Questions & Answers

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Birbal and The Barber Questions & Answers

Question 1: Whom did the barber meet in his dream?

Answer: The barber said that he met Emperor Akbar’s father in his dream.

Question 2: Why was Birbal chosen to go to heaven?

Answer: Birbal was chosen because he had a good sense of humour and would amuse the Emperor’s father.

Question 3: Why did Birbal want some time for preparations of the journey?

Answer: Birbal wanted time to prepare a ditch for his grave and a tunnel through which to escape.

Question 4: Who was responsible for getting him into trouble, according to Birbal?

Answer: According to Birbal, the barber was responsible for getting him into trouble.

Question 5: Why did Birbal want to make a ditch near his house?

Answer: Birbal wanted to make the ditch near his house because he could then make a tunnel into his house to escape.

Question 6: Why did Emperor Akbar reward Birbal in the end?

Answer: Akbar rewarded Birbal for obeying his orders correctly while outwitting both the barber and the Emperor.

Question 7: Choose the correct option:

1. The emperor’s barber was jealous of

(a) the emperor’s father.
(b) Birbal.
(c) all the courtiers.
(d) the emperor.

2. Birbal lived in hiding for

(a) a week.
(b) a year.
(c) six weeks.
(d) six months.

3. What was the message sent by Akbar’s father through Birbal?

(a) To send Akbar’s own barber
(b) To send Akbar’s own bodyguard
(c) To send Akbar’s own physician
(d) To send Akbar’s own cook

4. After Birbal returned from heaven, the emperor sent

(a) his barber there
(b) Birbal back.
(c) all his courtiers there.
(d) nobody there again.

Question 8: What were the two conditions that Birbal desired to be fulfilled before he left for heaven?

Answer: Birbal’s two conditions were that he should be buried alive and that his grave should be close to his house.

Question 9: How did Birbal save himself?

Answer: Birbal saved himself with his wit and his intelligence. He dug a ditch close to his house and a secret tunnel from the ditch to his house. When he was buried alive, he escaped through the tunnel and hid for six months.

Question 10: Why did the emperor’s father send Birbal back from heaven?

Answer: The Emperor’s father gave Birbal special permission to return to earth.

Question 11: What was the message sent by the emperor’s father through Birbal?

Answer: The message sent through Birbal by the Emperor’s father was there were few barbers in heaven. Therefore, he wanted the Emperor’s own barber to be sent to heaven.

Question 12: Why was the emperor’s barber chosen to go to heaven?

Answer: The Emperor’s barber was chosen due to Birbal’s trick when he said that the Emperor’s father had asked for this particular barber.

Question 13: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘I’m so glad to hear that my father is fine’.

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: The Emperor said these words to Birbal.

(b) Who brought the message?

Answer: Birbal brought the message.

(c) Where was the ‘father’ being referred to in the given sentence?

Answer: The father was in heaven.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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