Where Go The Boats Questions & Answers

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Where Go The Boats Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The colour of the river is

(a) dark brown
(b) golden
(c) green

2. What do you find on either side of the river?

(a) castles
(b) tree
(c) valleys

3. What else is floating on the river?

(a) ducks
(b) flowers
(c) leaves

4. The poet wants to know when the boats will

(a) sail
(b) come home
(c) float

5. What goes beyond the valley, mill and hill?

(a) boats
(b) river
(c) leaves

6. Who brings the poet’s boats ashore?

(a) farmers
(b) fishermen
(c) children

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. The river is dark brown and the sand is golden.
2. The poet could see castle of the foam in the river.
3. The river flowed past a mill before flowing down the valley.
4. The river would flow for a hundred miles or more.

Question 3: Match the lines from the poem with the information that they give us.

Column AColumn B
1. Boats of mine a-boatinga. The poet wonders where the boats will end up.
2. Castles of the foamb. There are trees on both sides of the river.
3. Where will all come homec. Paper boats made by the poet are floating down the river.
4. With trees on either handd. White froth is created by the movement of the river.

Answer: 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b

Question 4: Why does the river flow forever?

Answer: The river flows downhill due to the gravity of the earth. In summers, the glacier melts and in rainy season, there is so much rain which supply the water in the rivers. So, the river keeps flowing forever.

Question 5: What does the poet want to know in the second stanza?

Answer: In the second stanza, the poet wants to know that when the boats will come back after their voyage.

Question 6: Where would the boats of the poet be brought ashore?

Answer: Some little children would bring the boats of the poet ashore away down the river after a distance of hundred miles or more than that.

Question 7: What is being described in the first stanza of the poem?

Answer: In the first stanza, the poet is describing the river bank where he has gone to play with his paper boats.

Where Go The Boats Questions & Answers

Question 8: What did the poet see a-floating on the river water?

Answer: The poet saw green leaves a-floating on the river water.

Question 9: Name two places that the river crosses, while flowing down.

Answer: The river flows past a mill and down through the valley.

Question 10: Who would bring the poet’s boats ashore?

Answer: Other little children bring the poet’s boat ashore.

Question 11: Who do you think is saying the poem?

Answer: A young boy standing on the river bank is saying the poem.

Question 12: Give a description of the river.

Answer: The river is dark brown in colour with golden sands on its bank. The river bank is lined with trees on both sides.

Question 13: Where does the child see the castles?

Answer: The child sees the castles in the foam of the river.

Question 14: What is the child doing at the river?

Answer: The child is making paper boats and floating them in the water.

Question 15: What are some places the river goes past?

Answer: The river goes past the mill, the valley and the hill.

Question 16: What does the child think will happen to the boats?

Answer: The child thinks that other children playing on the banks of the river at some other place will find his boats and bring them ashore.

Question 17: What do the colours the poet mentions in stanzas 1 and 2 tell you about the place where the child is playing?

Answer: In the first two stanzas, the colours mentioned are dark brown river, golden sands, green leaves. These colours tell us that the child is playing on the bank of a river that has muddy water but clean sand and leaves on the trees. It is a clear day and the reflection of the clouds in the sky can be seen in the water.

Question 18: The poet uses the word ‘away’ several times in the last two stanzas. Why does he do so?

Answer: As the child floats the boats, they go far flowing with the current in the river. The boy is worried if he will be able to see his boats again. He imagines some other children playing on the banks of the river at some other place will find his boats and bring them to shore.

So, these were Where Go The Boats Questions & Answers.

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