This is My Field Questions & Answers

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This is My Field Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Napoleon was proud because

(a) he was the general of an army.
(b) his army had won many battles.

2. The soldiers were unhappy because

(a) they were hungry.
(b) they did not like fighting battles.

3. Napoleon ordered the captain to take

(a) all the soldiers with him.
(b) a hundred soldiers with him.

Question 2: What order did Napoleon give the captain?

Answer: Napoleon ordered the captain to take a hundred strong men with him to the nearest village, cut all the corn in the fields and bring it back to the camp.

Question 3: Why did he give such an order?

Answer: He gave such an order because the soldiers in his army were hungry and unhappy.

Question 4: What did the captain ask the farmer?

Answer: The captain asked the farmer to take them to the nearest field.

Question 5: Why was the captain angry when he saw the second field?

Answer: When he saw the second field, the captain got angry because the second field was farther from the camp and was smaller in size.

Question 6: Why had the farmer brought the captain and the soldiers there?

Answer: The farmer had brought the captain and the soldiers there because the first field belonged to someone else but the second one belonged to him. Being the owner of the second field, he could allow the soldiers to cut all the corns from only that field.

Question 7: Why was the captain ashamed?

Answer: The captain was ashamed by the righteousness of the farmer. The farmer could have hidden the fact that the bigger field did not belong to him but chose to be morally correct. On the other hand, the soldiers were forcibly taking the farmer’s corn.

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