A Vow of Silence Questions & Answers

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A Vow of Silence Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The four boys were

(a) brothers.

(b) friends.

2. They lived with

(a) their teacher.
(b) their parents.  

3. Their teacher was a

(a) quiet man.
(b) wise man.

4. The boys wanted to keep silent for

(a) one week.
(b) one day.

Question 2: How did keeping silent help the teacher?

Answer: Keeping silent helped the teacher to clear his mind.

Question 3: Why did the boys take the vow of silence?

Answer: The boys took the vow of silence because they wanted to please their teacher.

Question 4: For how long did the boys remain silent?

Answer: The boys vowed to remain silent for one whole day.

Question 5: What did the first boy say?

Answer: The room was becoming dark. The first boy asked if they should light a lamp.

Question 6: What did the second and third boys do?

Answer: The second boy was shocked to hear his friend speak and asked him to remain silent. The third boy got angry and shouted asking both of them to keep silent.

Question 7: Did any of the boys keep the vow?

Answer: No, all the boys spoke before the day ended.

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