Tom and Jerry Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Tom and Jerry Questions & Answers.

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Tom and Jerry Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Tom and Jerry are

(a) friends.
(b) enemies.

2. Tom is a cat and

(a) Jerry is a mouse.
(b) so is Jerry.

3. Tom and Jerry cartoons are enjoyed by

(a) children.
(b) children and grown-ups

4. The cartoons usually show

(a) Tom chasing Jerry.
(b) Jerry chasing Tom.

Question 2: How old are Tom and Jerry now?

Answer: In 2010, Tom and Jerry were 70 years old.

Question 3: What was the name of the first film in which the pair appeared?

Answer: The pair first appeared in the cartoon film ‘Puss Gets the Boot’.

Question 4: What was the story of that film?

Answer: In the film, the Cat, who is chasing a mouse, accidentally breaks a houseplant. The housemaid threatens to throw the cat of house if he breaks another thing. The mouse starts throwing all breakables on hearing this.

Question 5: How were the names of the Cat and the Mouse chosen?

Answer: The studio held a competition to name the now famous Cat and Mouse and the names Tom and Jerry were chosen.

Question 6: What is common to all Tom and Jerry cartoons?

Answer: In all Tom and Jerry cartoons, the Cat chases the Mouse and the Mouse tricks the Cat. But each time, the chase and tricks are different.

Question 7: How does Jerry save himself from Tom?

Answer: Jerry’s cleverness, cunning and luck saves him from Tom.

Question 8: What do some people believe about Tom and Jerry cartoons?

Answer: Some people believe that Tom and Jerry cartoons are violent.

So, these were Tom and Jerry Questions & Answers.

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