Elias Questions & Answers

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Elias Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Elias gave his son

(a) all that he had.
(b) a house and some cattle.
(c) nothing.
(d) only a house.

2. When Elias and his wife grew old, there

(a) was no one to look after them.
(b) were his children to look after them.
(c) were many servants to look after them.
(d) were many friends to look after them.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

1. Elias had only seven mares, two cows and about a score of sheep when his father died.
2. The elder son of Elias died in a brawl and the youngest son stopped obeying him.
3. Elias and his wife, Shem-Shemagi became old and poor, as the years passed by.
4. When in old age, Elias and his wife worked as labourers for Muhammad Shah who looked after them.

Question 3: Elias turned wealthy within few years after his father’s death. What was the reason behind this?

Answer: Elias was a good manager and the hard work that he and his wife put in made him wealthy.

Question 4: How did Elias treat the visitors who came to meet him?

Answer: Elias welcomed the visitors who came to meet him and gave them food.

Question 5: How did the sons of Elias change when he grew wealthy?

Answer: The sons became spoilt. The elder one became ill-tempered and quarrelsome while the younger one became disobedient.

Question 6: Who came to meet Muhammad Shah? Why were they surprised?

Answer: Some relatives came to meet Muhammad Shah. They were surprised that the wheel of fortune had turned and made the well-known rich man, Elias, so poor that he worked as a labourer in Muhammad Shah’s house.

Question 7: What kind of life did Elias lead when he became wealthy?

Answer: Elias lived a life of comfort and abundance. He had servants and looked after guests. Neighbours envied him.

Question 8: Mention any two important reasons that led Elias to poverty.

Answer: Two important reasons that led Elias to poverty were:

  • Elias became poor because his spoilt sons stopped working. The elder one became quarrelsome and ill-tempered. The younger one became disobedient and Elias gave him a house and cattle to live on his own.
  • Kirghiz stole his best horses and lastly, Elias sold off everything.

Question 9: What happened to Elias’s children when he grew old?

Answer: Elias’s daughter died and his elder son was killed in a brawl. The younger son left to make his own fortune, with a gift of a house and cattle from Elias. There was no one to look after Elias and his wife when they got old.

Question 10: Who employed Elias and Shem-Shemagi in old age? What work did he ask them to?

Answer: Muhammad Shah employed Elias and his wife as labourers. They looked after his melon garden in summer and fed his cattle in winter.

Question 11: Read the line and answer the questions:

“Fortune turns like a wheel. One man, it lifts, another it sets down.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: The visitor of Muhammad Shah said this to him.

(b) Who is being referred to here?

Answer: Elias is being referred to here.

(c) How did fortune set down the person spoken about in the given lines?

Answer: Fortune had first raised Elias to the status of a very wealthy man with abundant comforts and luxuries and then it had brought him down to such poverty that he and his wife had to work as labourers.

Question 12: According to Shem-Shemagi, why were she and her husband happy while working for Muhammad Shah? Do you agree with her?

Answer: Yes, I agree with what Shem-Shemagi says because according to Shem-Shemagi, she and Elias had earlier lived in great luxury but they had no time to talk to each other and were often having rows. They only had time to look after visitors, worry about their cattle and quarrel with each other. Now, as labourers in Muhammad Shah’s house, they were looked after, had enough to eat, fur clothes to keep them warm and time to talk to each other and pray. So, they were happy.

So, these were Elias Questions & Answers.

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