Chaambali Questions & Answers

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Chaambali Questions & Answers

Question 1: Study scene 1 and explain how Amma and her two daughters treat Chaambali? Do you think Chaambali likes the way the three women treat her?

Answer: Amma and her two daughters treat Chaambali rudely, in a sarcastically unfeeling manner. They order her around. No, Chaambali does not like the way the three women treat her but she does not complain.

Question 2: Do Amma, Sona and Chandi strike you as being likeable? Pick out examples from scene 1 to support your answer.

Answer: No, Amma, Sona and Chandi are not likeable characters. In Scene 1,when Chaambali is washing out the courtyard, Amma complains of her being slow at work and says, ‘If I say it was hours ago, then it is hours ago. Don’t argue with me.’ She is rude, bossy and unkind. Sona and Chandi are lazy and don’t do their own work.

Question 3: How can you tell from scene 2 that Pari indeed is Chammbali’s Fairy Godmother?

Answer: Pari is magical – she does Chaambali’s chores while she is sleeping. She cooks rotis, rice, makes soup and lets Chaambali rest as she completes work for her.

Question 4: Is Rajkumar attracted to Chaambali straightway? How can you tell?

Answer: Yes, Rajkumar is attracted to Chaambali straightway. He is attracted to her large luminous eyes which, he says, seem to be looking into his soul.

Question 5: Look at scene 3 when Amma asks Rajkumar what he does in Rajpur, he does not answer? Why?

Answer: He does not answer because he doesn’t want them to know he is the Prince of Rajpur. He wants to learn their true nature.

Question 6: What kind of girl Rajkumar wanted to marry with? What does he tell to Amma about girl with beautiful eyes?

Answer: Rajkumar wanted to marry a girl who is kind, gentle, sweet-tempered. She must be able to look after the house, and his mother must like her and she must like his mother. He tells Amma that he is looking for a girl with beautiful eyes so that she would let him meet Chaambali.

Question 7: Why do you think Rajkumar does not tell Sona and Chandi who he really is?

Answer: Rajkumar does not tell Sona and Chandi who he really is because had he told them, they would not have been honest with him. He would not have seen their actual nature.

Question 8: What kind of relationship does Amma share with Chaambali? Is what she says the same as what she mean?

Answer: Amma says that she looked after Chaambali like her own daughter. She says that Chaambali is a part of the family and she cannot bear to part with her. She says that she had refused to let Chaambali’s father take her away because she was attached to her. No, she does not mean a word of what she says.

Question 9: Think of three words to describe each of these characters:

(a) Amma

Answer: Bossy, rude, sarcastic, unkind, not very truthful

(b) Sona

Answer: Fussy, false, cruel to her cousin

(c) Chandi

Answer: Lazy, does not have true values, unkind to Chaambali

(d) Rajkumar

Answer: Dignified, genuine, respectful, handsome

(e) Chaambali

Answer: Lovable, simple, honest, hard-working

(f) Pari

Answer: Caring, considerate, kind, helpful

So, these were Chaambali Questions & Answers.

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