Children At Work Questions & Answers

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Children At Work Questions & Answers

Question 1: Velu stood on the platform but he felt “as if he was still on a moving train”. Why?

Answer: Velu reached Chennai by catching Kanyakumari Express after running away from home. He was a small boy of 11 years and travelled in the train for the first time. When he got off the train and stood on the platform his legs felt shaky and unsteady as he could not get over the feeling that his train journey was over. He was hungry and stressed too.

Question 2. What made him feel miserable?

Answer: Velu had run away from his village two days ago to avoid the daily beating from his drunkard father. He had eaten nothing but some peanuts and jaggery for past two days. He had walked for most of the first day to Kanur and then got on the train to Chennai. In the train he tried to sleep on the floor near the door. All these events made him feel miserable and exhausted.

Question 3: Velu travelled without a ticket. Why?

Answer: Velu travelled without a ticket as he had no money to buy a ticket.

Question 4: How did he escape the ticket collector’s attention?

Answer: Velu was lucky enough to avoid ticket collector’s attention as the ticket collector did not go to the unreserved compartment.

Question 5: Why had Velu run away from home?

Answer: Velu had run away from home because he couldn’t stand his father’s daily beatings. His father would snatch away all the money Velu and his sisters earned and spend it on drink.

Question 6: Why did he decide to follow the ‘strange’ girl?

Answer: Velu was new in the city of Chennai. He did not know where to go and what to do, also he was very hungry as he had not eaten anything proper for the past 2 days, so he decided to follow the ‘strange’ girl.

Question 7: Can Velu read Tamil and English? How do you know?

Answer: When Velu was walking under huge signboards, he could not understand what they meant as everything was written in English. However, when he walked past the Central Jail, he squinted and read it as it was written in Tamil.

Children At Work Questions & Answers

Question 8: “If you are not careful, you will soon be counting bars there,” the girl said.

i. What is she referring to?

Answer: She was referring to the Central Jail.

ii. What does she mean when she says “If you are not careful…”? (She says something a little later which means the same. Find that sentence.)

Answer: She meant that he should never get caught to be put behind the bars. The sentence that meant the same thing which the girl later spoke is, “You don’t have to do anything. Just don’t get caught, that’s all.”

Question 9: Where did the girl lead Velu to?

Answer: The girl led Velu to a big wedding hall. There was a big garbage bin behind the wedding hall over flowing with rubbish.

Question 10: What did they get to eat?

Answer: Velu got a squashy banana and a vada, whereas the girl only got a banana to eat.

Question 11: What work did she do? Think of a one-word answer.

Answer: The girl picked up paper, plastic, glass and such things from rubbish bins and sold them to Jam Bazaar Jaggu. The one-word for such work is ragpicker.

Question 12: What material are the ‘strange’ huts made out of?

Answer: The ‘strange’ huts were built out of all sorts of things such as metal sheets, tyres, bricks, wood and plastic.

Question 13: Why does Velu find them strange?

Answer: In Velu’s village, the houses were made of mud and palm leaves. But he found the huts in the city to be strange because they were made up of different stuffs such as metal sheets, tyres, bricks, wood and plastic. They stood crookedly and looked as if they would fall any moment.

Question 14: What sort of things did Jaya and children like her collect and what did they do with those things?

Answer: Jaya and children like her would pick up paper, plastic, glass and such things from rubbish/garbage bins and sold them to Jam Bazaar Jaggu, who further sold it to nearby factory.

Question 15: Is Velu happy or unhappy to find work? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: Velu was unhappy to find the work of a ragpicker as he had to dig through garbage bins. He remembered that the only work he had ever done at his village was on the landowner’s farm, weeding and taking cows out to graze. However, he decided to work as a ragpicker for the meantime until he found a better job for himself.

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