How The Camel Got His Hump Questions & Answers

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How The Camel Got His Hump Questions & Answers

Question 1: What tasks, do you think, were assigned to the dog and the ox?

Answer: The dog was assigned to fetch and carry sticks, whereas the ox was assigned the task of ploughing the fields.

Question 2: Why did the camel live in the middle of the desert?

Answer:  In the beginning, when the world was new and the animals were just beginning to work for man, there was a camel who was the laziest of all, and he lived in the middle of a howling desert because he did not want to work.

Question 3: What made the dog, the horse and the ox very angry?

Answer: The camel laid lazy in the middle of the desert and did nothing for man as other animals did. Due camel’s laziness and lying idle, the dog, the horse and the ox were asked to work double-time in order to make up for the camel’s laziness, this made all three of them very angry.

Question 4: How did the Djinn know the horse was complaining against the camel?

Answer: When other animals were assigned extra work for camel’s laziness, they all got angry and called for a panchayat which was attended by The Djinn who was in charge of All Deserts. The angry horse complained to Djinn about the thing in the middle of your Desert with a long neck and long legs, and he hasn’t done a stroke of work since the start of the week. On hearing this the Djinn immediately understood that the horse was referring to the camel for his laziness and not helping in any activity.

Question 5: The camel was looking at this own reflection in the pool. What does it suggest to you about the camel?

Answer: The camel was looking at this own reflection in the pool indicates that the camel was proud of his looks and appearance and he was enjoying and adoring himself by looking at his reflection in the pool.

Question 6: The camel said, “Humph” repeatedly. How did it affect him?

Answer: The camel did nothing and just responded with “Humph” to anything anybody ever said to him. When Djinn tried to explain the camel that how his laziness has given extra load to other animals and that he should start working, however, the camel again responded with “Humph” and kept repeating the same for whatever the Djinn said. This annoyed the Djinn and before camel could say Humph again, its back puffed up into a huge hump for repeating the word “Humph” over again and not performing the tasks assigned to him.

Question 7: What, according to the Djinn, was the use of the “humph”?

Answer: According to the Djinn, the camel missed his daily work for three continuous days. Hence, according to the Djinn, the camel would be able to perform his tasks for three days continuously without eating. The hump on his back would help him to store food and use the energy derived from it without eating food and work for a longer period.

Question 8: “…he has never yet learnt to behave”. In the light of this, what is the writer’s opinion about the camel?

Answer: The above statement gives the writer’s opinion that even till this day the camel has not changed its behaviour and habits.

So, these were How The Camel Got His Hump Questions & Answers.

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