The Shopping List Mystery Questions & Answers

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The Shopping List Mystery Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Sandip’s mother worked as a/an

(a) accountant
(b) bank manager
(c) maths teacher

2. Uncle Shekhar had come to Chennai

(a) to meet Sandip’s parents
(b) to attend World Criminologists Conference
(c) to solve the mystery

3. The highlight of the day at the World Criminologists Conference was

(a) Criminals who went missing.
(b) Cybercrimes
(c) Great Unsolved Crimes

4. Cryptography is

(a) the art of producing beautiful handwriting with a special brush or pen.
(b) the science of reading messages written in code.
(c) the study of spellings.

5. The Nutcracker Suite was

(a) a piece of music.
(b) an instrument to crack nuts.
(c) a set of rooms in a hotel.

Question 2: What did Sandip’s parents want him to do?

Answer: Sandip’s parents wanted him to study Maths inspite of playing violin.

Question 3: Did Uncle Shekhar agree with Sandip’s parents? Why/Why not?

Answer: Uncle Shekhar did not agree with Sandip’s parents because he believed that a person doesn’t need to be good at maths to be successful in life. He was of the view that anyone can do anything in any field and Sandip can be great composer or a concert violinist.

Question 4: Where did Uncle Shekhar work?

Answer: Uncle Shekhar worked as the Chief Editor of a news magazine.

Question 5: Where did Uncle Shekhar want to take Sandip? Why?

Answer: Uncle Shekhar wanted to take Sandip to the World Criminologists Conference so that he could meet Antonio Sacherini, who was a famous Italian violinist.

Question 6: In which country did the crime take place?

Answer: The crime took place in Belgium.

Question 7: Why did the store suspect Jeanne Egmont? What was odd about Jeanne Egmont’s behaviour?

Answer: The store suspected Jeanne Egmont because she used to take down orders and rang up the customers to inform them that their order was ready and ask whether they would pay in cash or by cheque. People who were robbed revealed that the same lady had served them all. The odd thing about her was that when she went to the grocery store, she handed over shopping list to the owner after her shopping. Normally, no one hands over the shopping list after they complete their shopping.

Question 8: Why do you think the case was called the Shopping List Mystery?

Answer: The case was called the Shopping List Mystery because the details of the robbery were hidden in a shopping list in a code language.

Question 9: What happened when Sandip played Tohaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite?

Answer: When Sandip played Tohaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suitefrom memory, it was quite good. But when he played the music written on the sheet, it was total cacophony, a mixture of odd notes that didn’t sound like music at all.

Question 10: What proof did the policeman find in the music sheets?

Answer: The policeman in the music sheet found the name and address of the wealthiest woman, Ada Gafeau who was robbed at the gunpoint.

Question 11: What rewards and recognitions did Sandip reveive?

Answer: The Belgian Police department sent Sandip a special letter to thank him. The Les Cabuchons jewellery sent him a diamond studded gold tie-pin shaped like a tiny violin and Antonio Sacherinni gave him a beautiful expensive violin.

Question 12: Mention any two instances from the story that show Sandip’s undying love for music.

Answer: Whenever Sandip was playing the violin, he would forget about everything else. Once he forgot that he had turned on the tap to fill a bucket and looked only mildly surprised when he put his violin down and realized that he was standing in ankle deep water in his bedroom. Whenever he picked up his violin and tucked the smooth, polished instrument lovingly under his chin, he was lost to the world.

Question 13: Why do you think Mrs Raghavan was taken aback when Uncle Shekhar mentioned that Issac Newton was not able to keep simple accounts and add figures?

Answer: Mrs Raghavan was shocked when Uncle Shekhar mentioned that Issac Newton was not able to keep simple accounts and add figures because Sir Issac Newton had made great contributions in the field of mathematics.

Question 14: According to you, why did Uncle Shekhar stand up for his nephew?

Answer: Uncle Shekhar stood up for Sachin because he believed in him and saw his passion for violin. He was sure that with this type of focus and passion, Sandip would go a long way.

Question 15: How did Sandip’s knowledge of music help him crack the mystery of the shopping list?

Answer: The message which was hidden in the shopping list contained musical notes which could only be decoded by someone who has musical knowledge like Sandip.

So, these were The Shopping List Mystery Questions & Answers.

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