We Are The Music Makers Questions & Answers

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Written by Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy, the poem is dedicated to artists, poets, writers and musicians who may not have been very successful in their lives but their visionary creations led to great social changes.

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We Are The Music Makers Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams.

What do you think dreamers mean in the poem’s context?

(a) A person who dreams
(b) A person who lives in a world of fantasy and is impractical and unrealistic.
(c) A person who ideas are considered fearless; a visionary.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

Wandering by lone sea-breakers
And sitting by desolate streams

What do these lines suggest?

(a) The music makers are happy people.
(b) The lines reflect the anxiety and loneliness in the music makers.
(c) The music makers love to sit alone by the stream.

Question 3: Who are the world-losers and world-forsakers? What do you understand by these phrases?

Answer: The ‘world-losers and world-forsakers’ are the contemporary artists such as painters, writers and poets. This phrase implies the difficulty of sustaining life on art alone. The artists are considered by the world as losers and forsakers as they remain detached from the worldly pursuits.

Question 4: What could the music makers do to an empire?

Answer: The Music Makers could fashion an empire’s glory with a dream at pleasure and would go forth and conquer a crown. On the other hand, they could trample an empire down if they dream at agony. The art has a huge potential – positive and negative.

Question 5: How did the music makers build Nineveh and Babel?

Answer: It is believed that Nineveh was created by artists out of distress whereas Babel was created out of joy. Nineveh and Babel are symbolic of an artist’s ability to destroy and create. Artists are capable of reconstructing the old world into a new world by their prophecy.
The Music Makers had built Nineveh with their sighing so the city was collapsed and doesn’t exist today but on the other hand Babel has an existence because they had built the city with their mirth.

We Are The Music Makers Questions & Answers

Question 6: What did ‘each age’ signify according to the music makers?

Answer: ‘Each age’ is the result of work and dreams of music makers and it is again replaced by new work and dream of their own. ‘Each age’ signifies world at a particular time that is in the process of being replaced by the new dreams of a modern and better era.

Question 7: How does the poet bring out the role of the artist in the poem ‘We are the Music Makers’?
Artists have the ability to make the society move ahead and further.

Answer: The poem is a celebration which is dedicated to artists, poets, writers and musicians who have opted out of the rat race to pursue their dreams and perhaps through their dreams bring about changes in the world. It is a triumphant announcement of the sovereignty of the creative artists in shaping the society rather than being condemned as ‘world-losers and world-forsakers’.

With wonderful ‘deathless ditties’, the artists immortalize the world’s great cities and out of ‘fabulous story; they fashion an empire’s glory. This poem makes it clear that artists have been the cause of society moving forward. It seems to imply that the artists of the modern world are to be considered as the leaders of the world, for it is myth, story, fantasy and legend that survives after the downfall of the civilizations. The lasting effect of art outlines most societies. The artists help people to think about the progress and betterment of society. It is the artists who first raise questions about the shortcomings of the society. These questions become the seed for a revolution. The poet uses the Biblical allusions to emphasize the constructive and destructive accounts of legend and lore describes how earlier ages were overthrown to make place for a better and newer world for ‘each age’ is a dream that is dying’ or one that is ‘coming to birth’. The poet presents the active role played by artists as ‘movers and shakers’ by highlighting the timelessness of art.

Question 8: Why are the artists referred to as ‘dreamers of dreams’? Why are artists called ‘movers and shakers’ of the world?

Answer: In the poem, the artists referred to as ‘dreamers of dreams’. This alliterative expression highlights the role played by them as visionaries in society. They are the dreamers of man’s desires. These dreams shake men out of their complacency, out of their lethargy and do not allow them to rest and urge them to move on. It is the dream – dream of a better life for all, the dream of a free society, the dream of freedom, of equal rights for all, for a world order that make for progress.

The expression ‘movers and shakers’ refers to people who direct and influences thoughts by shaking the foundation of conventional thought. Here, creative artists are the ‘movers and shakers’ who rebel and shake the conventional norms by the strength of their vision and imagination. Though they remain outside the mainstream society, they are not to be forgotten or relegated to oblivion. They influence popular thinking by making people question the truth of something they strongly believe in since time immemorial.

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