A Bicycle in Good Repair Questions & Answers

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A Bicycle in Good Repair Questions & Answers

Question 1: Mark the correct answer.

“I got up early, for me.” It implies that

i. he was an early riser.
ii. he was a late riser.
iii. he got up late that morning.

Question 2: Mark your choice(s).

The bicycle “goes easily enough in the morning and a little stiffly after lunch.” The remark is.

i. humorous
ii. inaccurate
iii. sarcastic
iv. enjoyable
v. meaningless

Question 3: The friend shook the bicycle violently. Find two or three sentences in the text which express the author’s disapproval of it.

Answer: The sentences of author’s disapproval are:

  • “Don’t do that; you’ll hurt it.”
  • “It doesn’t if you don’t wobble it.”
  • “Don’t you trouble about it any more; you will make yourself tired.”

Question 4: “…if not, it would make a serious difference to the machine.” What does ‘it’ refer to?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to the ball bearings of the bicycle.

Question 5: Did the front wheel really wobble? What is your opinion? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: No, the front wheel did not wobble to the extent that it required any attention or repairs. The bicycle was in good condition as author said that it didn’t wobble.

Question 6: In what condition did the author find the bicycle when he returned from the tool shed?

Answer: When the author returned from the tool shed, he found that his friend was sitting on the ground with the front wheel between his legs. He was playing with it, twiddling it round between his fingers, and the remaining parts of the bicycle were lying on the gravel path beside him.

Question 7: “Nothing is easier than taking off the gear-case.” Comment on or continue this sentence in the light of what actually happens.

Answer: “Nothing is easier than taking off the gear-case but it is an impossible task to fix it back.” The author’s friend took out the gear-case easily, but he was having a nightmare in putting- it back to its place.

Question 8: What special treatment did the chain receive?

Answer: The author’s friend tightened the chain to an extent that it stopped moving and then he loosened it twice as loose as it was earlier.

Question 9: The friend has two qualities — he knows what he is doing and is absolutely sure it is good. Find the two phrases in the text which mean the same.

Answer: The two phrases in the text which mean the same are:

  • Cheery confidence
  • Inexplicable hopefulness

Question 10: Describe ‘the fight’ between the man and the machine. Find the relevant sentences in the text and write them.

Answer: The author’s bicycle was not in any need of repairs and was in a good condition. However, his friend made it a big deal and messed up everything. At the end the bicycle was in such a mess that it actually wanted a proper repair from expert hands.

The fight between the man and the machine can be understood by the following paragraph in the text:

One moment the bicycle would be on the gravel path, and he on top of it; the next, the position would be reversed—he on the gravel path, the bicycle on him. Now he would be standing flushed with victory, the bicycle firmly fixed between his legs. But his triumph would be short-lived. By a sudden, quick movement it would free itself and, turning upon him, hit him sharply over the head with one of its handles.

So, these were A Bicycle in Good Repair Questions & Answers.

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