Dad and The Cat and The Tree Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Dad and The Cat and The Tree Questions & Answers.

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Dad and The Cat and The Tree Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was Dad sure he wouldn’t fall?

Answer: Dad was sure that he wouldn’t fall because according to him he was a good climber.

Question 2: Which phrase in the poem expresses Dad’s self-confidence best?

Answer: The phrase in the poem that expresses Dad’s self-confidence best is:

  • “Right, just Leave it to me.”
  • “Child’s play, this is! You wait and see.”
  • “Easy as winking To a climber like me!”

Question 3: Describe Plan A and its consequences.

Answer: Plan A was to get the ladder from the garden shed and climb the tree to get the cat. However, the ladder slipped and Dad fell in the flower bed on the ground.

Question 4: Plan C was a success. What went wrong then?

Answer: Plan C was a success. Dad reached at the tree top where the cat was stuck. However, the plan did not work out as expected, as the cat jumped onto the ground and was again out of the reach of Dad.

Question 5: The cat was very happy to be on the ground. Pick out the phrase used to express this idea.

Answer: “Smiling and Smirking” is the phrase that expresses the idea that cat was very happy to be on the ground.

Question 6: Describe the Cat and Dad situation in the beginning and at the end of the poem.

Answer: In the beginning of the poem, the cat was stuck on the tree and Dad was confident to free the cat. By the end of the poem, Dad got struck on the tree and the cat was free on the ground.

Question 7: Why and when did Dad say each of the following?

i. Fall?

Answer: When his wife warned him to be careful against falling. Dad responded with “Fall?” showing an expression of surprise as well as confidence that an expert climber like him can never fall.

ii. Never mind

Answer: When Dad fell in flower bed on the ground after the failure of Plan A, he responded with “Never Mind” brushing off dirt from his hair, face and clothes showing as if nothing happened.

iii. Funny joke

Answer: During the execution of Plan B when his wife again warned Dad to be cautious against falling, Dad responded again with “Funny joke” boasting about his climbing skills.

iv. Rubbish

Answer: After the failure of Plan B when Dad again fell on the ground, his wife asked him to stop it or he’ll break his neck. Dad responded with “Rubbish” not bothering about her concern.

Question 8: Do you find the poem humorous? Read aloud lines which make you laugh.

Answer: Yes, the poem is humorous indeed. Few lines that make me laugh are:

  • It slipped. He landed In the flower bed.
  • Then he swung himself up On a branch. It broke.
  • Dad landed wallop Back on the deck.
  • The cat gave a yell And sprang to the ground,
  • But poor old Dad’s Still Stuck Up The Tree!

So, these were Dad and The Cat and The Tree Questions & Answers.

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