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Quality Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the author’s opinion about Mr Gessler as a bootmaker?

Answer: The author was highly impressed by the art of Mr Gessler as a bootmaker. Mr Gessler’s boots were only made on order made, they were made from the finest leather, had the perfect fit and lasted much longer. They were the best.

Question 2: Why did the author visit the shop so infrequently?

Answer: The boots made by Mr Gessler were made from the best quality of leather and were handmade, which made them last much longer, that is the reason the author visited the shop so infrequently.

Question 3: What was the effect on Mr Gessler of the author’s remark about a certain pair of boots?

Answer: When the author complained Mr Gessler about a certain pair of boots, Mr Gessler was taken aback and said that the author might have got the boots wet. Later he told the author to get the boots to him and he either repair the boots or adjust the price of the boots in his bills.

Question 4: What was Mr Gessler’s complaint against “big firms”?

Answer: Mr Gessler complained that the big firms these days are acquiring customer through advertisements and marketing and by the quality of their work or product. Due to which his business was going down day by day.

Question 5: Why did the author order so many pairs of boots? Did he really need them?

Answer: The author respected the talent of Mr Gessler as a bootmaker and appreciated the quality of his workmanship. When he came to know that Mr Gessler was losing business, he ordered many pairs of boots to help Mr Gessler financially. No, he was not in real need of so many pairs of boots.

Question 6: Do you think Mr Gessler was a failure as a bootmaker or as a competitive businessman?

Answer: Mr Gessler was an amazing bootmaker. He was known for the quality of his workmanship. His boots were made from the best leather, had perfect fit and lasted much longer. People were really happy with his work and quality.

Yes, he failed as a competitive businessman as he hardly had any money for advertisements. His earnings were mainly spent in rent and buying raw materials. Due to which his business went down day by day.

Question 7: What is the significance of the title? To whom or to what does it refer?

Answer: The title ‘Quality’ is perfect for this story which refers the great quality of boots made by Mr Gessler. The big firms these days focusses on acquiring customer and increase in sales, however, compromising on the quality.

Mr Gessler on the other hand focussed primarily on the quality of his boots. He used the best quality leather, worked for long hours alone, never let anybody touch his boots. He started losing business, spent days in poverty, however, never compromised on the quality of his boots. He was a perfectionist.

Question 8: Notice the way Mr Gessler speaks English. His English is influenced by his mother tongue. He speaks English with an accent.

When Mr Gessler speaks, p, t, k, sound like b, d, g. Can you say these words as Mr Gessler would say them?

It comes and never stops. Does it bother me? Not at all. Ask my brother, please.

Answer: Mr Gessler would have said the above statement as:

Id gomes and never sdobs. Does id bodder me? Not ad all. Asg my brudder blease.

Question 9: Study the following phrases and their meanings. Use
them appropriately to complete the sentences that follow.
look after: take care of

look down on: disapprove or regard as inferior
look in (on someone): make a short visit
look into: investigate
look out: be careful
look up: improve
look up to: admire

i. After a very long spell of heat, the weather looking up is at last.
ii. We have no right look down to people who do small jobs.
iii. Nitin has always looked up his uncle, who is a self-made man.
iv. The police are looking into the matter thoroughly.
v. If you want to go out, I will look after the children for you.
vi. I promise to look in on your brother when I visit Lucknow next.
vii. Look out when you are crossing the main road.

Question 10: Each of the following words contains the sound ‘sh’ (as in shine) in the beginning or in the middle or at the end. First speak out all the words clearly. Then arrange the words in three groups in the table.
sheep, trash, marsh, fashion, anxious, shriek, shore, fish, portion, ashes, sure, nation, shoe, pushing, polish, moustache



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