Gopal and The Hilsa Fish Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Gopal and The Hilsa Fish Questions & Answers.

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Gopal and The Hilsa Fish Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did the king want no more talk about the hilsa-fish?

Answer: The king was irritated by everyone in the kingdom talking about hilsa-fish, hence he did not want anymore talks about hilsa-fish.

Question 2: What did the king ask Gopal to do to prove that he was clever?

Answer: The king threw a challenge to Gopal to buy a huge hilsa-fish and get it to the palace without anyone asking Gopal anything about the hilsa-fish.

Question 3: What three things did Gopal do before he went to buy his hilsa-fish?

Answer: Gopal kept his face half-shaved, smeared himself with ash and wore rags to look shabby and disgraceful before he went to buy his hilsa-fish.

Question 4: How did Gopal get inside the palace to see the king after he had bought the fish?

Answer: Gopal was stopped at the palace gates by the guards due to his shabby and disgraceful looks. Gopal started dancing and singing loudly. The entire noise got king’s attention and he ordered to get the man inside. That’s how Gopal got inside the palace.

Question 5: Explain why no one seemed to be interested in talking about the hilsa-fish which Gopal had bought.

Answer: People were surprised by the appearance and the behaviour of Gopal. They were more interested in knowing the reason for Gopal’s half shaven face, with ash and rags on his body. This was the reason that no one seemed to be interested in talking about the hils-fish.

Question 6: Write ‘True’ or ‘False’ against each of the following sentences.

i. The king lost his temper easily – True
ii. Gopal was a madman – False
iii. Gopal was a clever man – True
iv. Gopal was too poor to afford decent clothes – False
v. The king got angry when he was shown to be wrong – False

Question 7: Notice how in a comic book, there are no speech marks when characters talk. Instead, what they say is put in a speech ‘bubble’. However, if we wish to repeat or ‘report’ what they say, we must put it into reported speech.

Change the following sentences in the story to reported speech. The first one has been done for you.
i. How much did you pay for that hilsa?
The woman asked the man how much he had paid for that hilsa.

ii. Why is your face half-shaven?

Gopal’s wife asked him why his face was half-shaven.

iii. I accept the challenge, Your Majesty.

Gopal told the king that he accepted the challenge.

iv. I want to see the king.

Gopal told the guards that he wanted to see the king.

v. Bring the man to me at once.

The king ordered the guard to bring the man to him at once.

Question 8: Find out the meaning of the following words by looking them up in the dictionary. Then use them in sentences of your own.

i. Challenge – a call to someone to participate in a competitive situation.

Sentence – Seema challenged Meena for the debate competition.

ii. Mystic – someone who attempts to be united with God through prayer

Sentence – The saints are believed to be mystic.

iii. Comical – amusing

Sentence – Tom & Jerry is one of the most comical series.

iv. Courtier – a person who attends a royal court as a companion or adviser to the king or queen.

Sentence – Birbal was one of the most important courtiers in Akbar’s court.

v. Smearing – coat or mark (something) messily or carelessly with a greasy or sticky substance.

Sentence – The commandos smeared themselves with grease to camouflage from enemies.

So, these were Gopal and The Hilsa Fish Questions & Answers.

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