The Rebel Questions & Answers

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The Rebel Questions & Answers

Question 1: If someone doesn’t wear a uniform to school, what do you think the teacher will say?

Answer: The teacher will definitely not appreciate if someone doesn’t wear a uniform to school. She will question the student, may even scold, punish or penalize the student.

Question 2: When everyone wants a clear sky, what does the rebel want most?

Answer: When everyone wants a clear sky, the rebel wants the rain to come.

Question 3: If the rebel has a dog for a pet, what is everyone else likely to have?

Answer: If the rebel has a dog for a pet, everyone else is likely to have cats as pets.

Question 4: Why is it good to have rebels?

Answer: It is good to have rebels as they have a different opinion from the majority and keeps a balance in the society. They teach us to be able to accept and respect the differences in thoughts of people around us.

Question 5: Why is it not good to be a rebel oneself?

Answer: It is not good to be a rebel oneself as rebels are often criticized by the society and people either don’t or take time to accept rebels.

Question 6: Would you like to be a rebel? If yes, why? If not, why not?

Answer: Yes, I would like to be a rebel to change the norms that are being followed since years without contributing any benefit rather damage to the society or the future generations.

Question 7: Find in the poem an antonym (a word opposite in meaning) for each of the following words.

i. Long – short
ii. Grow – cut
iii. Quietness – disturbance
iv. Sober – drunk
v. Lost – found

Question 8: Find in the poem lines that match the following. Read both one after the other.

i. The rebel refuses to cut his hair.

Answer: The rebel lets his hair grow long.

ii. He says cats are better.

Answer: The rebel expresses a preference for cats.

iii. He recommends dogs.

Answer: The rebel puts in a good word for dogs.

iv. He is unhappy because there is no sun.

Answer: The rebel regrets the absence of sun.

v. He is noisy on purpose.

Answer: The rebel creates a disturbance.

So, these were The Rebel Questions & Answers.

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