Haroun Meets Iff Questions & Answers

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Haroun Meets Iff Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

Haroun and Rashid walked up a wooden ladder on to a verandah of intricately carved wood and into a living room with crystal chandeliers and throne-like seats.

(a) Who were Haroun and Rashid?

Answer: Rashid was a master story teller and Haroun was his son.

(b) Where was the living room?

Answer: The living room was in a houseboat called Arabian Nights Plus One.

(c) Who showed them to their bedrooms?

Answer: Uniformed boatmen showed them to their bedrooms.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

‘It’s no use – I won’t be able to do it – I’m finished, finished for good!’

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Rashid is the speaker.

(b) What won’t the speaker be able to do?

Answer: The speaker won’t be able to tell stories again.

(c) Why did the speaker say these words?

Answer: The speaker said these words because he felt that he could not think of any new stories to tell as his wife had left him.

(d) Who tried to help the speaker?

Answer: His son Haroun tried to help him.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

‘Feel here, ‘said the Water Genie, pointing to a patch of empty air six inches above the basin.

(a) What was the name of the Water Genie?

Answer: His name was Iff.

(b) Who was being addressed by the Water Genie?

Answer: Haroun was being addressed by the Water Genie.

(c) What was the Water Genie asking the person to feel?

Answer: The Water Genie was asking him to feel a patch of empty air six inches above the basin. This was the Story tap. It was invisible.

(d) What did the person manage to feel above the basin?

Answer: He felt the story tap which was invisible.

Question 4: What was Rashid asked to do and by whom?

Answer: Rashid was asked by a corrupt politician to campaign for him with his ‘praising stories’ to woo the voters.

Question 5: Why was Rashid finding it hard to narrate stories?

Answer: Rashid was upset because his wife had left him. In such an upset atmosphere he was not able to think of stories.

Question 6: Who sent Rashid to the houseboat and why?

Answer: A corrupt local politician had sent Rashid to the houseboat to campaign for him by telling ‘praising stories’.

Question 7: Describe the houseboat.

Answer: The houseboat was luxurious. It was well decorated with intricated carved wood, crystal chandeliers, throne-like seats with ornately brocaded cushions, walnut tables and turtle & peacock beds.

Question 8: What kind of beds did Rashid and Haroun have in the houseboat?

Answer: The bedrooms were even more opulent than the lounge. There was an enormous painted wooden peacock in Rashid’s bedroom. Haroun’s bedroom had an equally outsized turtle, which likewise became a bed when its shell was removed.

Question 9: Why was Haroun not able to sleep?

Answer: Haroun was not able to sleep because he was worried about the fact that he had lost his ability to make up new stories to tell.

Question 10: Who visited the houseboat and why?

Answer: Iff, a water genie visited the houseboat to cut off Rashid Story Tap supply.

Question 11: Describe Iff’s appearance.

Answer: Iff was an ancient looking man with an outsize onion for head and an outsize aubergine for legs. He wore a huge purple turban on his head and baggy silk pyjamas. He had sky-blue beard.

Question 12: What did Iff tell Haroun about Gup city and its leader?

Answer: Iff told Haroun that at P2C2E House, Gup City, Kahani, the leader was Walrus. All stories came from there. At P2C2E House, Gup City, there were many brilliant persons employed but there was only one Grand Comptroller and all the others were eggheads.

Question 13: Why did Haroun want to go to Gup City and how did he manage to convince Iff to take him there?

Answer: Haroun wanted to go there because he wanted the Walrus to reverse the order that said that Rashid’s story supply subscription would be cancelled. He took away Iff’s tool from him and refused to give it back to him if he refused to take him to Gup City.

So, these were Haroun Meets Iff Questions & Answers.

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