Back From The Brink Questions & Answers

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Back From The Brink Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘These are first steps, but positive ones, towards a more sustainable future.’

(a) Who took these first steps?

Answer: Tribal people who are traditional hunters took these first steps.

(b) What two important steps were taken?

Answer: Two important steps taken were:

  • The tribal people decided to self-impose ban on hunting.
  • Ex-poachers turn into forest guides. 

(c) In what way were the steps positive?

Answer: The steps were positive because they helped in protecting and preserving forest and wildlife and also set up the infrastructure for eco-tourism.

Question 2: Who are Tai, Maga, and Jarjo.

Answer: Tai, Maga, and Jarjo are from one of the Nyshi tribes who have been hunting in the forests of north-eastern states for generations.

Question 3: Why did Jarjo mimic the sound of a baby deer in trouble?

Answer: Jarjo mimicked the sound of a baby deer in trouble to lure the mother deer so that the film-makers could film the scene.

Question 4: When did the filmmakers sojourn in the Northeast begin? What was their objective during their stay?

Answer: The filmmakers sojourn began in 2002, in the Pakke National Park in Arunachal Pradesh. The objective was to film the rehabilitation of two Himalayan black bear cubs orphaned by hunting.

Question 5: What goal did the filmmakers intend to achieve through their latest efforts?

Answer: The filmmakers’ goal was to document the extent of hunting and to determine whether there was any hope for the future of wildlife in the north-east.

Question 6: Why have generations of tribal people in the north-east been hunting wild animals?

Answer: Hunting is part of the tradition and culture of the tribal people. The animals they hunt provide food and bones, furs, and feathers for decoration and rituals during most festivals.

Question 7: What motivated the tribal people to hunt wild life recklessly?

Answer: The tribals realised that there was a good demand for the animals and birds in the market and they can make good money out of hunting. This has encouraged tribals to hunt wildlife recklessly.

Question 8: What shows that the young tribals were more concerned about their environment then traditions?

Answer: The tribals’ self-imposed ban on hunting shows that the young tribals were more concerned about their environment than traditions.

Question 9: What positive example have some Ex-poachers set? why would this ensures the sustainable future?

Answer: In Manas, Assam, ex-poachers have turned into forest guides, putting their intimate knowledge of the forest to far better use. This would ensure a sustainable future because it will revive the wildlife population and set up infrastructure for ecotourism.

So, these were Back From The Brink Questions & Answers.

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