The Shadow and The Flash Questions & Answers

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The Shadow and The Flash Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

Now I shall go on the very opposite track.

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Paul said this to Lloyd.

(b) What was being discussed?

Answer: The physical properties and possibilities of invisibility were being discussed.

(c) What was the ‘opposite track’?

Answer: The ‘opposite track’ that Paul chose would be to complete the same experiment by doing away with the shadow.

Question 2: What was Lloyd’s theory about an object that was perfectly black?

Answer: Lloyd’s theory states that if the objects are perfectly black or absolutely black, one could not see them in light as well.

Question 3: What was Paul looking to obtain through his experiments?

Answer: Through his experiments, Paul was looking to obtain transparency – a state of body which permits all rays of light to pass through. His line of enquiry would be to do away with the shadow.

Question 4: What would reveal Paul’s position on the other side of the net to the narrator?

Answer: A Rainbow flash would reveal Paul’s position on the other side of the net to the narrator.

Question 5: How did the narrator make sure of Lloyd’s presence at the tennis court?

Answer: In the middle of their game of tennis, the narrator saw a ball rebound in mid-air and empty space, close to the net. He then realized that Lloyd had come on to the tennis court. He looked for his shadow and saw it – a shapeless blotch moving along the ground.

Question 6: The narrator said that he ‘tremble (d) for the success of either of his friends. What was it that he feared? How did his fears prove to be true?

Answer: Both the narrator’s friends, Lloyd and Paul, attacked the problem with all the tremendous energy for which they were noted, and with a bitterness that made the narrator tremble for the success of either. He feared that their rivalry would end really badly for both of them. His fears proved to be true, as, in the end when they both proved to be successful in their experiments, they came to physical blows when they met on the tennis court.

Question 7: What do you think happened to Paul and Lloyd by the end of the story? What proof is available in the text to support this?

Answer: Both Paul and Lloyd died by the end of the story because the narrator could see no more flashes of light, and the shadow had become long and stationary.

So, these were The Shadow and The Flash Questions & Answers.

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