The Stolen Bacillus Questions & Answers

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The Stolen Bacillus Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘He stood on the pavement with his arms folded upon his breast, awaiting the arrival of the Bacteriologist.’

(a) Who stood on the pavement?

Answer: The pale-faced man stood on the pavement.

(b) Why was he standing with his arms folded?

Answer: He was standing with his arms folded because he was waiting for the Bacteriologist.

(c) Why was he waiting for the Bacteriologist?

Answer: He was waiting for the bacteriologist because the tube with the cholera bacterium had broken and spilled on him, and since the damage was already done, he swallowed the last drop. He then felt that he did not need to run from the bacteriologist anymore, so he got out of the cab and stood waiting for him to arrive.

Question 2: How did the pale-faced man gain access to the Bacteriologist and his laboratory?

Answer: The pale-faced man forged the letter of introduction from a good friend of the scientist and gained access to the Bacteriologist and his laboratory.

Question 3: Why did the pale-faced man call the anarchists ‘fools’?

Answer: The pale faced man called the anarchists ‘fools’ because he thought they unnecessarily used explosives, such as bombs, to kill people. According to him, an infectious bacterium could cause more destruction, and hence, was worse than a bomb.

Question 4: What was the ‘disturbing thought’ that struck the Bacteriologist?

Answer: The bacteriologist was disturbed by the thought that his visitor might have taken his germ cultivation.

Question 5: Why do you think the man had come to visit the Bacteriologist?

Answer: The man had come to the bacteriologist to steal a strain of disease-causing germ cultivation.

Question 6: Explain the line, ‘Well! I suppose I shall be the first.’

Answer: This line means that the anarchist thought himself to be the first person to die of the bacillus. He decided to become a human vector.

Question 7: What did the Bacteriologist reveal to his wife about the contents of the stolen tube? What did he think would be a ‘bother’?

Answer: The bacteriologist told his wife that his visitor had run away with the tube containing an infesting bacterium. He said that the tube contained a species of bacterium that could infest and cause blue patches upon various monkeys and other animals. However, to astonish his visitor, he had told the visitor that the tube contained cholera-causing bacteria. He was bothered that he would have to undertake the trouble and expense to prepare more of the same bacteria.

Question 8: Why did the man feel that ‘there was no further need to escape the Bacteriologist?

Answer: The man felt that there was no further need to escape the bacteriologist because he had already consumed the liquid containing the harmful bacteria and he would soon fall sick or die.

Question 9: Why was the Bacteriologist amused at the actions of the anarchist?

Answer: The bacteriologist was assumed at the actions of the anarchist because he knew that the tube the man had stolen did not contain cholera-causing bacteria but a new species of bacteria that could only cause blue patches on animals.

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