My Earthquake Experience in Tokyo Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share My Earthquake Experience in Tokyo Questions & Answers.

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My Earthquake Experience in Tokyo Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘I ran for the door, about 60 feet away.’

(a) Where was the writer at this time?

Answer: At this time, the writer was lined up at Bullet Train ticket counter to enquire about a trip to Nagoya.

(b) What made him act his way?

Answer: The violent shaking of the ground made him act his way.

(c) What did he compare the experience to?

Answer: He compared the experience to the deck of a ship being tossed by swells.

(d) What was he reminded of at this moment?

Answer: At this moment, he was reminded of the World Trade Center crashing to the ground.

Question 2: What was the writer’s response to the rumbling initially? Why?

Answer: Initially, the writer ignored the rumbling as everyone did around him because it was almost imperceptible, like a subway rumbling through a tunnel far beneath his feet. 

Question 3: Why was the writer still uneasy even though he was in a park?

Answer: The writer was still uneasy even though he was in a park because the ground continued to tremble, although less violently.

Question 4: The writer says making his way back was an epic journey. What does he mean by this?

Answer: By saying this, he meant that his journey was adventurous and unforgettable. He had some dangerous and strange experiences like women were crying, several buildings collapsed, even in such a situation many people were calm and relaxed. The metro system was shut down so people had to complete their journey on foot and many streets were jammed.

Question 5: Why does he say that this was the most harrowing experience in his life?

Answer: During his career as a journalist the writer had several experiences but he considered this one as the most harrowing experience of life because it took him a long time to recover mentally from this experience. sometimes he felt like the ground is shaking even there was no earthquake. this experience was deeply printed in his memory which was very difficult to be forgotten the scenes of shaking building was very difficult for him to forget.

Question 6: What further shocking information did he get later in the day?

Answer: The writer came to know later that the coastal areas of Japan, especially a few hundred miles to the north, were devastated beyond recognition by a tsunami.

Question 7: Why do you think the writer says ‘Now I’ve seen it all’?

Answer: By saying this, the writer wants to assert that he has witnessed many frightening days but the earthquake of magnitude 8.9 in Tokyo has been the most catastrophic event of his life. He saw hundred-storey buildings sway like palm trees in the wind as the earth revolted beneath his feet. He doesn’t want to see anything worse than this, so he said ‘Now I’ve seen it all’.

So, these were My Earthquake Experience in Tokyo Questions & Answers.

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