The Ballad of Rumm Questions & Answers

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The Ballad of Rumm Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Mutt – a dog
  • Amiable – having a friendly and pleasant manner
  • Dismay – a feeling of alarm or disappointment
  • Vicious – very dangerous, capable of evil

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘He departed the yard he’d come in to burgle
Like a champion athlete clearing a hurdle.’

(a) Who is ‘he’ in these lines?

Answer: He in these lines refers to burglar who had come to the writer’s house with an intention to steal. 

(b) Why did ‘he’ depart the yard?

Answer: He departed from the yard when Rumm’s weight bowled his right off his feet. 

(c) Do you think ‘he’ was right to be afraid?

Answer: Yes, according to me, the burglar was right to be afraid as Rumm was vicious looking dog and was moving towards him.

Question 2: How did the family come to have a dog?

Answer: Rumm once came wandering into the poet’s garden. It was an over-friendly dog and the poet’s family accepted it with an open heart and included it as their family member.

Question 3: What shows that Rumm was not a stray dog?

Answer: Rumm was very friendly to the people and this shows that it was not a stray dog.

Question 4: What did Rumm want to do all day?

Answer: All through the day Rum wanted to play. It would bark at the cats, toad, cattle, and horses. Whenever it would see a human being, it would start wagging its tail.

Question 5: How did people respond to Rumm?

Answer: The people around the writer’s house were friendly towards Rumm. The yard labourers used to feed him with the scraps and tidbits from their lunch box.

Question 6: What proved that Rumm was not a guard dog?

Answer: From the poem it is clear that Rumm was not a guard dog, because it used to be active in day and take rest at night. It was ready to accept any eatables from unknown persons. Also, when Rumm saw a burglar in the compound he thought as the man to be a good company for night. 

Question 7: How was the wallet useful to the police?

Answer: Wallet was useful for police as it helped the police to capture the burglar and put him in a jail.

Question 8: Give examples from the poem which support these feelings.

(a) Disappointment – But not much of a guard dog, I’m sorry to say.
(b) Excitement – He flew through the yard, his new friend to greet.
(c) Kindness – Brushed him and feed him.
(d) Surprise – How a big vicious guard dog had knocked the thief down.

So, these were The Ballad of Rumm Questions & Answers.

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