Boating With Friends Questions & Answers

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Boating With Friends Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

“I don’t think he would have the pluck to do it, did you?”

(a) Identify the speaker and the listener.

Answer: Harry is the speaker and George is the listener.

(b) Who is the ‘he’ referred to?

Answer: ‘He’ is used for Jerome.

(c) What did he have the pluck to do?

Answer: Jerome had the pluck to jump into the freezing water for a swim.

(d) What does this reveal about the speaker’s opinion?

Answer: This reveals that Harry did not have much confidence in Jerome earlier but now that he had jumped into the freezing water, Harry showed some admiration for Jerome’s courage.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

“What a Heartless maniac you are”!

(a) Whose words are these? To whom are there spoken?

Answer: These are Jerome’s words, spoken to George.

(b) Why is the person being called Heartless Maniac?

Answer: George is being called a heartless maniac because he was laughing loudly when Jerome in his hurry to put on his shirt accidently threw it into the freezing water.

(c) What are the speakers feeling at this moment?

Answer: The speaker is very annoyed and losing his temper at the laughing George.

(d) What does the speaker do shortly after saying this?

Answer: Shortly after saying this sentence the speaker Jerome managed to get the shirt on to the boat’s hook and haul it out of the water.

Question 3: Where were the three friends and what time of day was it?

Answer: The three friends were on an adventurous boating trip over river Thames and it was six in the morning.

Question 4: Why do you think Jerome and George shared some not so true stories?

Answer: Jerome and George shared some not so true stories to show off their bravery and courage to each other.

Question 5: What had the three plan to do the previous night?

Answer: The previous night the three friends had planned to get up early in the morning and leap into the river for a long swim.

Question 6: What motivated Jerome to pretend to be brave?

Answer: Jerome pretended to be brave because going for the early morning swim was his idea in the first place and he desperately wanted to show that it wasn’t a hare-brained idea. So, he decided to save face by going down to the edge and just dipping his legs in the river.

Question 7: What did George find very funny?

Answer: Jerome, who was cold and soaking wet, got back to the boat and was in a hurry to put on his shirt. However, in his haste, he accidentally threw it in the water. This made George burst into laughter as he found it extremely funny.

Question 8: What was the precious moment?

Answer: The precious moment was the one in which Jerome realized that it was not his shirt but George’s which had fallen into the water. Jerome had mistaken it for his in the hurry to get dressed.

Question 9: What did Harry find really amusing?

Answer: When Jerome tried to make George see the fun of the entire episode with the shirt, he could not. George was very dense at seeing a joke sometimes, or perhaps he didn’t care much about doing to others as he wanted them to do to him. Harry found that really amusing.

So, these were Boating With Friends Questions & Answers.

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