Chandni Questions & Answers

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Chandni Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Abbu Khan’s goats want to run away? What happened to them in the hills?

Answer: Goats in hilly regions hate being tied to trees or poles. They love their freedom. Abbu Khan’s goats were of the best hill breed. They too loved their freedom. So, whenever they got the chance, they would run away only, however, were killed by an old wolf who lived in the hills.

Question 2: Abbu Khan said, “No more goats in my house ever again.” Then he changed his mind. Why?

Answer: Abbu Khan said, “No more goats in my house ever again.” He said these words as he became sad an annoyed when all his goats left him one after the other. However, he changed his mind as he was terribly lonely. He simply couldn’t do without his goats and soon he bought a young goat.

Question 3: Why did he buy a young goat?

Answer: Abbu Khan bought a young goat as he thought that a young goat will stay with him for a longer period and will soon begin to love him as well as the food, he would give her every day. She will never want to go to the hills for her freedom.

Question 4: Why did Chandni hate the rope round her neck?

Answer: Every morning Chandni would watch the hilltops in beautiful sunlight. She wanted to feel the fresh breeze blowing through the beautiful hills and to run across the green fields on those hills. However, whenever she would run to fulfil her desire, the rope around her neck would stop her from going any further, hence she hated the rope round her neck.

Question 5: “Now Abbu Khan understood Chandni’s problem…” What was Chandni’s problem?

Answer: Chandni’s problem was her strong desire to go to the hills to enjoy her freedom. Her inability to achieve her desire has led to lost in her appetite as she had stopped eating the green grass that Abbu Khan brought for her. Even though she knew the consequences of her life being in danger, she wanted to be free to reach the hills.

Question 6: Abbu Khan pushed Chandni into a small hut. This shows that he

i. was cruel.
ii. loved her and wanted to save her life.
iii. was selfish.

Question 7: Why did Chandni refuse to join the group of wild goats?

Answer: Chandni refused to join the group of wild goats as she wanted to enjoy her newly achieved freedom all by herself.

Question 8: Chandni fought the wolf because she

i. was stronger than the wolf.
ii. hated the wolf.
iii. had to retain her freedom at all costs.

Question 9: Why did the wise old bird say, “Chandni is the winner”?

Answer: The wise old bird said, “Chandni is the winner” because she faced her fear with strong will power and confidence. She gave a tough fight to a big and ferocious wolf and stood like a strong warrior. She fought for her freedom and did not gave up to be alive and be chained her entire life.

So, these were Chandni Questions & Answers.

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