Collecting Things Questions & Answers

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Collecting Things Questions & Answers

Question 1: What kind of things do people collect?

Answer: People collect anything and everything. Stamps, shells, butterflies, hats, feathers, leaves, stones, matchbox covers, antiques, plates, costumes, cars, and a thousand and one other things are collected by people in every corner of the world.

Question 2: Why was stamp collecting so popular?

Answer: Stamp collecting was (and still is) so popular because stamps are easily obtained; most people have some friends in distant places or foreign countries who write letters to them.

Question 3: What are some of the things you will need in order to start a collection of flowers?

Answer: In order to start a collection of flowers you will need a notebook, an album or scrapbook, two pieces of hardboard (approx. 25 cm x 20 cm), newspaper, and a magnifying glass (…and some flowers).

Question 4: Why do you think one should not pick more flowers than one need?

Answer: One should not pick more flowers than needed because some flowers are rare. Flowers make the environment look beautiful and provide nectar for bees.

Question 5: Why is a magnifying glass useful but not essential?

Answer: A magnifying glass is useful if we want to study the leaves carefully. For most purposes our eyes are good enough.

Question 6: What are the details you could write in your record book?

Answer: In our record book, we could write the name of the flower, where and when it was found, its size, colour, and shape, and its scent.

Question 7: Why do you think newspaper is used in the flower press?

Answer: Newspaper is used in the flower press because it can soak up the plant juices (to dry the flowers). It is more absorbent than most other types of paper.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Quite often what starts off as a hobby or pastime develops into a more serious study or even a profession.

(a) What sort of hobby in particular has been mentioned before this?

Answer: The hobby of beginning a collection.

(b) What examples are given of hobbies developing later into professions?

Answer: A child interested in stamps may work with stamps. One interested in collecting old coins may become a historian or archaeologist; one collecting flowers may become a botanist.

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