Perseus and the Gorgon Questions & Answers

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Perseus and the Gorgon Questions & Answers

Question 1: What can we see in the night skies today that has the same hero in this Greek myth?

Answer: In the Northern skies, if you look up on a clear night, you can see a constellation of stars called Perseus.

Question 2: How is Dictys described and what did he do that demonstrates his personality?

Answer: Dictys is described as kind. He allows Perseus and Danae to live on his land.

Question 3: Who was Dictys related to?

Answer: Dictys was related to King Polydectes.

Question 4: What present did King Polydectes ask his guests for and then what did he ask Perseus to get him?

Answer: King Polydectes asked his guests to bring him a horse. Then he asked Perseus to get him the head of Medusa.

Question 5: What did Perseus feel when he saw the witches? Why?

Answer: Perseus felt repulsed when he saw the witches because they were hideous.

Question 6: Why did Perseus steal the witches’ eyeball?

Answer: Perseus stole the witches’ eyeball so that he could get them to tell him how to get to the nymphs of Hera.

Question 7: Why did Zeus, Hermes and Athena help Perseus?

Answer: Zeus, Hermes, and Athena helped Perseus because Polydectes was being unfair. Perhaps they wished to see the end of Polydectes.

Question 8: Why did Perseus help Andromeda?

Answer: Perseus helped Andromeda because he admired her bravery and did not want to see her killed.

Question 9: Put the following in their correct order and put said … or asked … (add the correct name) after each.


a. ‘How can I get rid of this irritating man?’ thought Polydectes.
b. ‘Oh Perseus, don’t you know our customs?’ asked one guest.
c. ‘Be cunning as well as brave,’ said Athena.
d. ‘You have it, you fool,’ said the second witch. (hissed)
e. ‘Go to the Northern shore,’ said Athena.
f. ‘Bring me the head of Medusa.’ said Polydectes. (asked/demanded)

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

a. ‘Use your brain as well as your strength, Perseus.’

(i) Who says this to Perseus?

Answer: Athena says this to Perseus.

(ii) What does Perseus do that shows he uses his brain?

Answer: He notices how important the eye is to the witches and takes it. He used the shield as a mirror so that he does not look directly at Medusa.

(iii) What does Perseus do that shows he uses his strength?

Answer: He chops off Medusa’s head with one swift blow. He defeats the sea monster.

b. ‘I will fight the monster and save you,’ he promised.

(i) Who said these words and to whom were they spoken?

Answer: Perseus said these words to Andromeda.

(ii) When were these words spoken?

Answer: When Perseus is on his way home.

(iii) What was the reaction of the person who heard these words?

Answer: She tells him to be careful and calls him ‘Brave one.’ Later, she returns to Serifos with Perseus and they get married.

So, these were Perseus and the Gorgon Questions & Answers.

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