A Misspelled Tale Questions & Answers

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A Misspelled Tale Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Gait – a way of walking or moving along
  • Glee – joyful delight
  • Sled – sleigh; sledge
  • Sleet – partly frozen rain
  • Snowdrift – a bank of snow piled up by the wind
  • Treacherous – involving hidden dangers or obstacles

Question 1: What reasons did the boy give for wanting to go out?

Answer: The boy said that the sun was bright, the air was clear, and that is why he wished to go out.

Question 2: What warning was the boy given?

Answer: He was warned not to lose his way.

Question 3: What mood was the boy in when he went out?

Answer: He was keen to go outside and play. He must have been happy when he was given permission to do so.

Question 4: How was the weather in the morning and in what way did it change?

Answer: In the morning the sun was bright; then the weather changed. It started snowing.

Question 5: What factors made the boy feel that things were not right?

Answer: He was on his sleigh, going through snowdrifts and watery pools but normally he would have walked. Now he was lost and looking at a ‘treacherous hole’ in the road; his progress had been too slow and he wanted to meet ‘some kindly soul’ because he had lost his way.

Question 6: What is the effect of the use of incorrect spellings?

Answer: The use of incorrect spellings makes the poem humourous.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

a. The ant said, ‘Take ewer slay…..’

(i) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: The aunt said these words to the little boy.

(ii) What kind of sleigh does the boy have?

Answer: He has a nice new sledge, painted red.

b. ‘Though I wood walk by rule, I am not rite, ‘tis plane…’

(i) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: The little boy says these words to himself.

(ii) What does ‘by rule’ mean?

Answer: It means ‘normally, as is (my) usual habit.’

iii. How is the speaker feeling at this time?

Answer: He is upset and lost. (He wishes to be back at home.)

So, these were A Misspelled Tale Questions & Answers.

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