The Skylark Questions & Answers

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The Skylark Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Skylark – a songbird; a brown speckled European lark famous for its melodious song
  • Hang between the two – the skylark seems to be hangingbetween the sky and the earth
  • In gay accord – in happy harmony with
  • On the wing – in flight
  • Soared – circled and wheeled about
  • Stretched – spread
  • Speck dot – dot (it looks small like a dot because it is faraway)
  • Swift – rapid

Question 1: Complete these sentences:

1. It was a bright and sunny morning when the poet saw the skylark.
2. The skylark looked like a speck above the cornfield.
3. The poet compares the cornfield to a stage.
4. The skylark soared when it sang and became silent when it sank.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. The line ‘a singing speck above the corn’ means

(a) like a dot in the sky
(b) like a dot on the corner stalk

2. The line ‘while swift the sunny moments slid’ indicates

(a) the skylark is moving away
(b) the sun is setting

3. The words ‘tender green’ suggest which season?

(a) winter
(b) spring

Question 3: What did the poet see one morning? What was it doing?

Answer: The poet saw a skylark one morning. The skylark was flying and singing. It appeared like a small speck above the cornfields.

Question 4: Where did the poet see the skylark?

Answer: The poet saw the skylark flying between the cornfield and the blue sky.

Question 5: Who is listening to the bird’s song?

Answer: The poet and the skylark’s mate are listening to the bird’s song.

Question 6: When does the skylark sing and when is it silent?

Answer: The skylark sings when it is flying up and it is silent when it flies down.

Question 7: What were the butterflies doing?

Answer: The white butterflies were dancing on the wings of the skylark that was lying above the cornfields.

Question 8: Where does the poet think the nest of the skylark is?

Answer: The poet calls the skylark’s nest ‘unseen’ because it was hidden somewhere among the million stalks of corn in the field.

Question 9: What can the poetess see on either side of her?

Answer: The poetess can see green cornfield stretched there both sides of her.

Question 10: What do you think the poet wants to tell us about the skylark mate?

Answer: The poet wants to tell us that like him, the skylark’s mate too was somewhere nearby marvelling at the song and flight of this bird.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:

A stage below, in gay accord,
White butterflies danced on the wing,

(a) What was the stage above?

Answer: The stage above was the blue sky.

(b) What was in the stage above?

Answer: In the stage above were fine sun and the skylark.

(c) What in particular does the word ‘accord’ refer to?

Answer: The word ‘accord’ means in harmony with. The skylark’s dancing and singing were in harmony with the white butterflies dancing around the cornfield.

Question 12: Complete the summary:


The poet describes how content she feels as she walks through a cornfield. As she walks along, she sees a skylark flying in the sky. It sings as it flies higher. Below it, butterflies move quickly in the cornfield. The poet knows that the skylark’s nest is hidden in the cornfield. She imagines that its companion is also listening somewhere in the cornfield.

So, these were The Skylark Questions & Answers.

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