A Happy Birthday Questions & Answers

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A Happy Birthday Questions & Answers

Question 1: When was Grandma’s birthday? How old did she turn?

Answer: Grandma’s birthday was on 8th October. She turned seventy-three years old.

Question 2: Who were the two little ghosts that came into Grandma’s room?

Answer: The two little ghosts that came into Grandma’s room were her grandsons.

Question 3: What did Grandma’s favourite niece bring for her?

Answer: Grandma’s favourite niece brought her a bag full of goodies and lots of love and kind wishes.

Question 4: Who made a cake for Grandma?

Answer: Mrs Trot, the housekeeper made a cake for Grandma.

Question 5: Why did Grandma’s tea taste so nice?

Answer: Grandma’s tea tasted so nice because Mrs Hosy’s rich cream had been mixed in it.

Question 6: Who could not come to Grandma’s birthday?

Answer: Aunt Carmine could not come to Grandma’s birthday.

Question 7: Name any three gifts that Grandma received on her birthday?

Answer: Grandma received a small tea kettle, a wood box and a blue and gold bowl on her birthday.

Question 8: Who handed around the cake?

Answer: The two grandsons handed around the cake.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

These two fellows were quite bursting with the great secrets of the day….

(a) Who were the ‘two fellows’?

Answer: The ‘two fellows’ were the two grandsons.

(b) What were the ‘great secrets’ with which they were bursting?

Answer: The ‘great secrets’ with which they were bursting were the preparations planned for Grandma’s birthday party.

(c) What did they have to do to keep the secrets?

Answer: In order to keep the secrets, they had to rush out of the house and keep away from Grandma as soon as the breakfast was done.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

This was cut by the queen of the fete.

(a) What does ‘This’ refer to in this line?

Answer: ‘This’ refer to the birthday cake.

(b) Who was the ‘queen of the fete’?

Answer: Grandma, whose birthday was being celebrated, was the ‘queen of the fete’.

(c) What happened after she cut the cake?

Answer: After Grandma cut the cake, the grandsons handed round the cake to everyone who was present at the party.

A Happy Birthday Questions & Answers

Question 11: How did the family usually celebrate occasions like birthdays?

Answer: The family usually celebrated occasions like birthdays. They treated these occasions as very important and came up with very funny activities to celebrate the events.

Question 12: How did the grandchildren wish Grandma?

Answer: The two grandchildren dressed themselves up in white from top to toe to look like two little ghosts. They rushed into Grandma’s room early in the morning and wished her a happy birthday while giving her loving kisses.

Question 13: How did Grandma spend the afternoon on her birthday?

Answer: Grandma spent the afternoon on her birthday dressed in her best gown and cap to receive her friends who came to wish her. A fine lunch was cooked for her. Her favourite niece came to eat with her. A poet came with lovely flowers, a doctor gave a picture, one neighbour sent some grapes, another took her on a drive, Mrs Hosy brought some bottles of cream and a dozen eggs, whereas some poor children whom Grandma had helped sent her some nuts.

Question 14: Why was Grandma not allowed to go into the study? What did she do while waiting?

Answer: Grandma not allowed to go into the study because the family was making preparations for the birthday party and wanted to surprise her. While waiting, she sat with Grandma in the parlour near the dim firelight. They talked softly to each other that they used to do forty years ago.

Question 15: How did the family end the day?

Answer: After all the guests left, the family ended the day as they had begun it, around Grandma’s bed. They gave her good-night kisses.

Question 16: What did Grandma feel about the day?

Answer: Grandma was immensely delighted with the day’s activities. She told the family happily that the day had been a beautiful and happy one for her. She told them that she felt it to have been her best and brightest birthday.

Question 17: Why do you think the author says that two grandchildren were ‘equal to half a dozen’?

Answer: The two grandchildren were ‘equal to half a dozen’ because they were extremely lively and funny boys who were always full of pranks. Their relatives also considered them to be the most remarkable boys alive. On the morning of Grandma’s birthday, they ran into her room, dressed like two little ghosts and wished her by kissing her smiling face. They were bursting with the secrets of the day and had to rush out after breakfast to keep the secrets and prevent themselves from revealing the surprise. They made many preparations for the party and dressed up as Native American Chiefs. They made every effort to ensure that Grandma’s birthday party was a success and she would be happy with it.

Question 18: The author compares the day to the ‘harvest time’ in which Grandma reaps the benefits of her actions and the love that she showered on everyone. Give examples from the story that show this.

Answer: The author compares the day to the ‘harvest time’ in which Grandma reaps the benefits of her actions and the love that she showered on everyone. There are several examples of this in the story. She had kindly helped and clothed some poor children who sent her nuts and whose mother also brought presents for Grandma. She was popular among neighbours. The whole afternoon, friends and gifts kept coming in. Her family too returned the love she had showered on them by organizing a grand party for her on her birthday. Grandma had been so kind and loving to everyone that they did their best to make her day a special one.

Question 19: One word in each of these sentences is incorrect. Underline the incorrect words and write the correct words.

1. Grandma was watching the sun set when the two little boys came into her room.

Answer: rise

2. Grandma’s favourite nephew came to eat lunch with her.

Answer: niece

3. The dinner table was ornamented with a splendid cake.

Answer: tea

4. A musical box in the hall played loud music.

Answer: soft

5. Every gift had a story attached to it.

Answer: poem

6. Everybody filled their glasses with milk and drank a toast to Grandma.

Answer: water

So, these were A Happy Birthday Questions & Answers.

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