Bahlol Questions & Answers

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Bahlol Questions & Answers

Question 1: What kind of person was Bahlol?

Answer: Bahlol was always calm, he seldom smiled or showed his feelings, and he was a wonderful cook.

Question 2: Why was there no food in the house that day?

Answer: There was no food in the house that day because the next day was market day.

Question 3: Why was Bahlol asked to feed the chickens?

Answer: Bahlol was asked to feed the chickens because if the chickens ate the tin food and did not fall ill, then the food would be safe for the guests to eat.

Question 4: Did the councillor and his wife expect to stay for supper?

Answer: Yes, because the hostess says, ‘They made no sign of wanting to leave.’

Question 5: What did the lady think when she heard the news that the chickens were dead?

Answer: When she heard the news that the chickens were dead, the lady thought the food in the tin was bad and had poisoned them.

Question 6: How did the chickens die?

Answer: The chickens were killed and carried off by a fox.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

a. ‘He’s gone to see if the chickens are still alive,’ I thought to myself.

(i) Who is the speaker and who is being referred to as ‘he’?

Answer: The speaker (talking to herself) is the lady of the house, and she is referring to the cook, Bahlol.

(ii) Why is the speaker wondering about this at this time?

Answer: She is wondering whether the chickens have been poisoned or not, and whether she and her guests are likely to suffer.

(iii) What happens immediately after this?

Answer: Bahlol comes back with the news that all the chickens are dead.

b. ‘I am afraid we have a problem,’ I explained.

(i) Who is explaining to whom?

Answer: The lady of the house is explaining to her guests, the area councillor and his wife.

(ii) Why is an explanation required?

Answer: Bahlol had just entered with the news that the chickens had died; the guests knew nothing about the lady’s plan to feed the chickens first to see if they would survive.

(iii) What further explanation does the speaker give?

Answer: She says the food was indeed poisoned and that the guests should go and be sick.

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