Uncle Shams Questions & Answers

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Uncle Shams Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which words used by Mr and Mrs Malik does the workman misinterpret? How does he react?

Answer: The workman misinterprets ‘degrees’. He says he does not have a degree. He then misinterprets ‘fine’ and is worried he will be fined.

Question 2: In what way is Uncle Shams a walking disaster zone? What does this mean?

Answer: Uncle Shams causes havoc by trying to help. The wall cracks, the ladder crashes to the floor, the hammer falls and breaks a tile, he breaks a chair, and when he is on his way out of the room, he knocks over a coffee table and breaks a vase. In no time at all, he has caused a great deal of damage; when he is around, the place becomes a disaster zone.

Question 3: What reasons do Mr and Mrs Malik give for wanting to get rid of Uncle Shams?

Answer: The Maliks think that Uncle Shams has eccentric ways; he has come far too early for the wedding; he eats like a horse, and the cost of keeping him will rise; he will undoubtedly break other things and they will have to pay for the damage. It was for these reasons they wanted to get rid of Uncle Shams quickly.

Question 4: In what way is Mrs Malik sarcastic?

Answer: When Mr Malik calls Uncle Shams for lunch, Mrs Malik sarcastically calls Uncle Shams Mr Voracious and asks him to come and eat all the lunch, and break a few plates, cups, and saucers at the same time.

Question 5: Which word best describes Uncle Sham’s mood when he leaves the house? (Choose more than one, if necessary)

i. aggrieved
ii. deceived
iii. harmed
iv. angry
v. hurt

Answer: Aggrieved and hurt

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

a. ‘Saima, don’t confuse him with your talk of degrees and horizontal and fine and whatnot.’

(i) Who is speaking to whom?

Answer: Mr Malik is speaking to Mrs Malik.

(ii) Who has been confused and how?

Answer: The workman has been confused by the word degree (misinterpreted), fine (misinterpreted) and horizontal (probably not understood at all).

(iii) What happens immediately after this?

Answer: Uncle Shams arrives and offers his help.

b. ‘I know he means well, but the man is a walking disaster zone.’

(i) Who is speaking to whom?

Answer: Mrs Malik is speaking to Mr Malik.

(ii) Who is the speaker referring to and why?

Answer: The speaker is referring to Uncle Shams because Uncle Shams causes accident wherever he goes.

(iii) What other expressions does the speaker use to describe this person?

Answer: Other expressions does the speaker use to describe this person area catastrophe waiting to happen, a nightmare.

So, these were Uncle Shams Questions & Answers.

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