Does He Remember Questions & Answers

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Does He Remember Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Mike see when he arrived at the gate?

Answer: When Mike arrived at the gate, he saw a sign that said ‘Beware of Dogs’.

Question 2: Give two reasons why Mike did not climb over the gate.

Answer: Mike did not climb over the gate because he knew that the sign might be true and because he was too old.

Question 3: Had Mike been to the house before? How do we know?

Answer: Yes, Mike had been to the house before. We know because it says that he was, ‘thinking about all the occasions he had visited this very house’ and because he remembers Nabil’s dogs as puppies.

Question 4: What kind of room was Nabil sitting in?

Answer: Nabil was sitting in a large, dark living room.

Question 5: How did Marmaduke react to Mike?

Answer: Marmaduke reacted angrily to Mike as soon as he smelt him.

Question 6: How did Mike leave the properly?

Answer: Mike left the property by running out and leaping over the gate.

Question 7: Which words and phrases tell us that Mike was frightened of Marmaduke?

Answer: The words and phrases that tell us that Mike was frightened of Marmaduke are:

‘Mike made sure to keep close to the old man’ we tend to stay close to someone when we are frightened.

‘Mike edged forward’ – his movement is slow which tells us that he is scared rather than confident. ‘aghast, stopping dead in his tracks’ – aghast means to be filled with horror or shock; he is scared stiff.

Also, ‘‘I … I do,’ stuttered Mike.’ ‘No, no!’ whispered Mike.’ ‘‘Stop him! Do something!’ screamed Mike, as he too scrambled behind a large armchair.’ ‘shot outside’ ‘shakily’ ‘trembling hands’ ‘wiped the sweat off his brow’.

Question 8: How do you think Marmaduke recognized Mike?

Answer: Marmaduke recognized Mike by his smell.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. ‘Can you be sure?’ asked Mike.

(a) To whom does Mike address this question?

Answer: Mike addresses this question to Nabil.

(b) What is Mike trying to make sure of?

Answer: Mike is trying to make sure that Marmaduke does not remember how Mike used to worry him.

(c) Does the answer satisfy him?

Answer: No, he asks the question again to double check.

2. Nabil acted just in time.

(a) What made Nabil act in time?

Answer: Marmaduke leaped forward in an attempt to attack Mike.

(b) What did he do?

Answer: He threw himself on top of the dog, pinning it firmly to the floor, slowing it down.

(c) Was his action satisfactory?

Answer: Only temporarily. Marmaduke is strong and Mike later sees him at the window, so he must have gotten free from Nabil’s hands.

So, these were Does He Remember Questions & Answers.

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