Count That Day Lost Questions & Answers

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This poem is written by George Eliot. In this poem, the poet offers moral advice to her readers by urging them to be kind and helpful.

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Count That Day Lost Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Self-denying – something that does not serve one’s own purpose
  • Livelong – all day long

Question 1: What does the speaker want the reader to do at dusk?

Answer: The speaker wants the reader to sit down and recount all the actions that he/she has performed throughout the day.

Question 2: What will the self-denying deed achieve?

Answer: The self-denying deed will comfort a person who has been sad. The memory of the deed will also uplift the spirit of the doer.

Question 3: How will a kind glance help anyone?

Answer: A kind glance will brighten people’s moods and make them optimistic and hopeful about life.

Question 4: Why is yea or nay important?

Answer: It is important because each of these words have the potential to cheer people up.

Question 5: Why will the day be worst then lost?

Answer: The day will be worse than lost if one has not contributed at all to add to people’s happiness or to reduce someone’s pain.

Question 6: Read the line and answer the questions:

Then you may count that day well spent.

a. What does the poet mean by ‘day well spent’?

Answer: It means a good, eventful day.

b. How will the day be ‘well spent’?

Answer: A day which is spent in helping and being kind to others selflessly is a day which has been spent well,

c. In what way will the well spent day benefit the reader?

Answer: It will make the reader happy.

Question 7: One glance most kind
That felt like sunshine where it went

Why do you think the poet uses the word ‘sunshine’ here?

Answer: Sunshine always brings warmth and comfort. It has a positive connotation. It always brings happiness into one’s life. The poet uses the word ‘sunshine’ to show that our glance would make someone feel warm and bring happiness into their life.

Question 8: What message does the poem convey?

Answer: The poem conveys the message that we should spend each day doing selfless acts to make people around us happy. This brings meaning to our life. This not only makes our lives better but also helps others feel better.

Question 9: Justify the title of the poem ‘Count That Day Lost’.

Answer: The poem says that we should not waste our days and make sure that we do good things to make other people happy. It also says that if we had the opportunities to do good things and if we had missed those opportunities, then we have to count that day worse than lost. The poem contrasts the day well spent with the day worse than lost. The title strongly emphasises this contrast to deliver the message that we should not miss an opportunity to do good deeds.

So, these were Count That Day Lost Questions & Answers.

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