The Missing Ring Questions & Answers

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The Missing Ring Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The clothes of the man were simple except for a very bright

a. coat
b. necktie
c. hat

2. Diamonds and rubles were set in the ring in the shape of

a. circle
b. square
c. flower

3. The girl who had come to the shop wanted to

a. get her brooch repaired
b. sell her jewellery
c. steal the ring hidden in the gum

4. The girl gave back the ring and

a. ran out of the shop
b. killed herself
c. hid inside the shop

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. Regnier’s shop had two assistants, Miss Susskind and the author.
2. The man asked to show some rings.
3. Mr Regnier said he had to make a report for the insurance company.
4. The author solved the mystery of the ring.
5. The man had stopped chewing gum when we were all searching for the ring.

Question 3: Match the following:

Column AColumn B
1. Regnier’sa. brooch
2. Ms Susskindb. solved the mystery
3. Womanc. hidden ring
4. Authord. jewellery shop
5. Chewing gume. an assistant

Answer: 1-d, 2-e, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c

Question 4: Write True or False:

1. The man purchased the flower ring – False
2. The man had hidden the ring in the turn-ups – False
3. The girl took out a little paper packet to steal the ring – True
4. The ring was pressed in the chewing gum by the girl – False
5. The chewing gum was put under the edge of the counter – True

Question 5: What did the author notice one morning?

Answer: One morning, the author noticed a woman looking into the window of the undertaker’s shop opposite Regnier’s. There was nothing in the window, except two urns. She had a long yellow coat with black squares on it. She had long yellow hair, no hat and shoes with low heels.

The Missing Ring Questions & Answers

Question 6: What had happened to the flower ring?

Answer: The flower ring got stolen.

Question 7: What did the lady ask the author?

Answer: The lady asked the author if he could mend her brooch.

Question 8: How does the author handle the situation when he notices that the ring is missing? Why is he tactful in his use of words?

Answer: When the author notices that the ring is missing, he asks the customer if he has decided on buying it. He then politely requests the customer to give it to him so that he could find the right box for it. He shows this diplomacy as he could be wrong and he cannot afford to lose a customer.

Question 9: What is importance of the initial observation made by the author?

Answer: The author noticed a girl looking into the window of an undertaker’s shop, although there was nothing other than two urns in the window. He noticed that she wore shoes with low heels, and that she did not wear a hat. She appeared to be poor and not in a position to make expensive purchases. When this girl walked into the shop after the disappearance of the ring, the author knew she had been waiting for the right moment to make an entry.

Question 10: Why did the girl pretend to be left-handed when she was at Regnier’s?

Answer: The customer who walked into Regnier’s was left-handed and was chewing gum. He placed the gum under the edge of the counter on his left and then pressed the ring against it. The girl, who was the man’s partner in crime, walked into the shop and took it from the gum with her left hand as she could do it easily that way.

Question 11: Why was it necessary for the girl to bring in the brooch for repair?

Answer: The girl had to bring in the brooch for repair because she needed to show that she was there for a purpose. This way her entry would not arouse any suspicion and she would be able to carry on with her plan. The brooch was taken out from the paper packet which she tactfully dropped on the floor to divert the attention of the salesman.

Question 12: How do you think the author knew that the girl was not left-handed?

Answer: The girl who entered the shop would have used her right hand easily while opening the door of the shop. She may have used her right hand while doing a few other things. She would not have used her left hand with ease and would have been obviously clumsy while using her left hand.

Question 13: Read the lines and answer the questions.

1. His face had gone very red and he had stopped chewing.

a. Whose face went red?

Answer: The customer’s face went very red.

b. Why did it go red?

Answer: It went red because he was asked to see if the ring was caught in his trousers.

c. What was he chewing?

Answer: He was chewing gum.

2. I thought, “She hasn’t come to buy anything, but perhaps to sell”.

a. Who is the ‘I’ here?

Answer: The author at Regnier’s.

b. Who has come to the shop?

Answer: The girl who was waiting outside the undertaker’s shop.

c. Why does he think that she hasn’t come to buy anything?

Answer: He thinks that she hasn’t come to buy anything because she looked poor.

So, these were The Missing Ring Questions & Answers.

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