A Winter’s Night Questions & Answers

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A Winter’s Night Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Halku and Munni had set aside money to________.

i. buy a blanket
ii. give to the landlord
iii. buy more seeds

(b) Halku was a___________.

i. hired labourer
ii. tenant farmer
iii. landowner

(c) Munni advised Halku to_________.

i. buy a blanket
ii. continue working for the landlord
iii. give up tenant farming

(d) Halku went________to get leaves.

i. to the orchard
ii. home
iii. to the field

(e) When Jabra started barking at the animals in the field Halku______.

i. went to see what was happening
ii. went on sitting near the ashes
iii. went back home

Question 2: What type of farmer was Halku?

Answer: Halku was a tenant farmer.

Question 3: Why didn’t Munni want Halku to give the money they had to the landlord?

Answer: Munni didn’t want Halku to give the money they had to the landlord because she wanted to buy a blanket from that money.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

‘For a moment, Halku stood hesitating.’

(a) Why was Halku hesitating?

Answer: Halku was hesitating because of being insulted by the landlord.

(b) What did he do afterwards?

Answer: He moved his body and came close to his wife afterwards.

Question 5: With what did Halku build a shelter? What did he lie down on?

Answer: Halku built a shelter of cane leaves and lay on a bamboo cot.

Question 6: What made Halku start feeling drowsy?

Answer: The warm ashes made Halku start feeling drowsy.

Question 7: How did Halku react to Jabra’s whimpering?

Answer: Halku curled up, stretched out his hand and patted Jabra’s cold back. He advised Jabra not to come with him from tomorrow.

Question 8: How did Halku react to animals causing rampage in his field? Why?

Answer: Halku didn’t stir only shouted, “Hillo! Hillo! Hillo!. With a firm resolve, he got up and took a few steps. But, suddenly a gust of wind pierced him so, he went back and sat again by the extinguished fire and stirred up the ashes to warm his chilled body.

Question 9: Explain how did Halku made arrangements to keep himself warm throughout the night.

Answer: Halku had a shelter of cane leaves, bamboo cot, an old shawl. He went into the orchard and gather leaves to warm up with.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

‘The bitter truth in Halku’s words came charging at Munni like a wild beast.’

(a) What did Halku say to Munni? What was the bitter truth in his words?

Answer: Halku said that he would have to put up with abuse. Burden of his poverty was the bitter truth of his words.

(b) What figure of speech has been used here? Explain the comparison.

Answer: ‘Simile’ has been used here. There is comparison between Halku’s words and a wild beast.

(c) How did Halku’s words affect Munni? What did she say afterwards?

Answer: Halku’s words made her sad and firm. She said afterwards that Halku should give up the farming.

Question 11: Write True or False:

(a) Munni didn’t want to give the money to the landlord – True
(b) Halku and Jabra were feeling comfortable because of the weather – False
(c) The ashes from the fire warmed Halku and Jabra – False
(d) The whole field had been trampled by the animals – True

So, these were A Winter’s Night Questions & Answers.

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