A Fairy With Horns Questions & Answers

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A Fairy With Horns Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Mustard – plant with yellow flowers
  • Heron – water-bird with long neck and legs
  • Wading – walking through shallow water
  • Nudge – push somebody or something gently
  • Nibble – take tiny bites of something
  • Relish – great enjoyment of food
  • Lap – drink something by taking it up with the tongue
  • Rheumatism – disease which causes pain in the muscles and joint
  • Prospect – a hopeful thing
  • Daintily – in a delicate and pleasant way
  • Ditch – narrow channel dug at the edge of a field
  • Stray – having no fixed place or purpose
  • Geranium – garden plant with red, pink or white flowers
  • Butted – hit or push with the head
  • Culprit – one who has done something wrong
  • Furious – full of violent anger
  • Snack – small meal, usually eaten in a hurry
  • Climax – most interesting or significant event
  • Moist – slightly wet

Question 1: Where did the narrator find the little goat? What was he doing there?

Answer: The narrator found the little goat on the bank of an irrigation canal. He was sitting and gazing at the couple of herons fishing in the muddy water.

Question 2: What did the narrator give the little goat to eat? Did the goat enjoy it?

Answer: The narrator gave a biscuit to the little goat. Yes, the goat enjoyed it.

Question 3: What did the goat do when the narrator started for home?

Answer: When the narrator started for home, the goat followed him unsteadily.

Question 4: Why did the narrator carry the goat across stream?

Answer: The narrator carried the goat across the stream thinking that the goat’s house was on the other side of the river bed.

Question 5: What shows that the narrator had no mind to take the goat to his home?

Answer: The narrator’s quick steps and his statement ‘Go home’ show that the narrator had no mind to take the goat to his home.

Question 6: What did the grandmother say on seeing the goat? Why did she say so?

Answer: On seeing the goat, the grandmother said that she would not tolerate any more pets at home. She said so because there were already too many pets at home and also, she was a plant lover and feared that the goat would eat up her plants.

A Fairy With Horns Questions & Answers

Question 7: How did grandfather save the goat from being turned out of the house?

Answer: The Grandfather knew how to change a problem into a prospect so, he said that he had bought the goat because goat’s milk was good for rheumatism. Thus, he saved the goat from being turned out of the house.

Question 8: What was the goat named? Why was she given the name?

Answer: The goat was named Tinkerbell after the name of a fairy. She was given this name because all her activities resembled a fairy and also because she had a bell around her neck.

Question 9: What did Tinkerbell love to eat in the garden?

Answer: Tinkerbell loved to eat sweet-pea and geranium in the garden.

Question 10: What was the gardener’s complaint?

Answer: The gardener complained that while he was bending over the sweet-pea putting it in right order, the goat butted him from behind.

Question 11: How did Tinker Bell use her newly-grown horns?

Answer: Tinker Bell used her newly grown horns at every opportunity she got, to butt others.

Question 12: Why did Tinker Bell butt the narrator’s aunt?

Answer: As the narrator’s aunt was bending over the geranium leaves and talking to them, Tinker Bell suspected that she was also interested in eating geranium leaves which was the goat’s favourite snack so, she butted her.

A Fairy With Horns Questions & Answers

Question 13: What did Tinker Bell do when the cook dragged her out of the house?

Answer: When the cook dragged her out of the house, Tinker Bell looked back with her moist eyes and bleated. It seemed that she knew that she was being taken away forever.

Question 14: What did the cook do with the goat?

Answer: The cook did not sell the goat in the market but kept her at his house.

Question 15: Why does the narrator call the goat a Fairy with Horns?

Answer: The narrator called the goat, fairy with horns because all her activities resembled that of a fairy and since she was a goat, she had two horns.

Question 16: What idea do you form about the following characters in the story?

(a) The narrator

Answer: The narrator was a young boy who was very fond of animals. He enjoyed and admired the nature’s beauty. He loved to play with pets in his house with his grandfather. He was very kind. He loved the goat Tinker bell a lot.

(b) The narrator’s grandmother

Answer: The narrator’s grandmother was a strict and very disciplined lady. She did not like animals but she was a plant lover. She had a large variety of plants in her garden like sweet pea and the geranium.

(c) The narrator’s grandfather

Answer: The narrator’s grandfather was also a simple and kind gentleman. He also loved animals. He had a large variety of pets in the house. He was a good friend of his grandson. They enjoyed the company of each other. The grandfather was a very wise man who could turn things around.

(d) The cook

Answer: The cook was simple and obedient to his master. When grandmother told him to sell the goat, he didn’t sell it. This shows he was a very kind hearted man and understood the feelings of the narrator very well.

So, these were A Fairy With Horns Questions & Answers.

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