The Handpost Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Handpost Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Jane Taylor. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of A Fairy With Horns, The Blind Men and the Elephant and Monday Morning Blues so, you can check these posts as well.

The Handpost Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Heath – area of flat land covered with shrubs
  • Blast – strong wind that has come suddenly
  • Gloom – near darkness
  • Benighted – overtaken by darkness
  • Ruts – deep tracks made by wheels in soft ground
  • Groped – searched about as one does in the dark
  • Plunged – here, surrounded
  • Goblin – ugly and evil spirits
  • Mantle – loose sleeveless cloak
  • Sprite – fairy or spirit
  • Dismal – causing sadness
  • Nigh – near

Question 1: What kind of night is described in the poem?

Answer: A dark and stormy night is described in the poem.

Question 2: What did the owl do?

Answer: The owl flew screaming in the windy night.

Question 3: What did Henry see as the lightning flashed?

Answer: As the lightning flashed, Henry saw ditches filled with water and dark hedges.

Question 4: Was Henry brave? How do you say that?

Answer: Yes, Henry was a brave boy. Although Henry was so scared yet he gathered all his courage and decided to face the goblin. Thus, I can say that Henry was a brave boy.

Question 5: What was it that filled Henry with fear?

Answer: It was a ghost like structure, some distance away which filled Henry with fear.

Question 6: What did he see when he came close to the ‘goblin’?

Answer: When Henry came close to the ‘goblin’, he saw that it was not a ghost, but it was a friendly handpost which shows the way to the strangers and passersby.

Question 7: What made Henry laugh and clap his hands?

Answer: Henry laughed and clapped his hands on his own stupidity and his illogical fears.

Question 8: What was the lesson that Henry learnt?

Answer: Henry learnt to be logical, not to have any false fear and if anything would frighten him again, he will try to unravel the truth and find the logic behind it.

Question 9: Find words in the poem which mean the same as the following:

(a) Send forth – onward
(b) Cried – screamed
(c) In the middle of – amid
(d) Frightful – horrid
(e) Penetrating – piercing
(f) Instantly – immediately
(g) Point – To show or mark
(h) One who is not familiar with the place – stranger
(i)Useless, worthless – idle

So, these were The Handpost Questions & Answers.

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