Don’t Give Up Questions & Answers

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Don’t Give Up Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bowed her – pulled her down
  • Has known many a blast – has survived many blows of stormy winds
  • Give up – to lose heart and stop trying
  • Patient – to be calm and uncomplaining
  • Loftier – taller and stronger
  • Stronger – physically powerful
  • Sturdy – strong
  • Prouder – feeling good about oneself
  • You beat – you win
  • Victory – success, win


This poem is written by Phoebe Cary and it conveys the message that failures should not become an obstacle for achieving our goals in life. This poem describes to us the importance of being patient and never giving up our efforts. It tells us never to be disheartened by our failures. The poet illustrates the example of young birds in their initial stage of flights. The birds fall but rise higher and become stronger each time. The strong oak tree goes through a tough time during stormy winds but after every blow, she rises again loftier and prouder. Our success and victories will not be valued so much if it comes to us easily. The poet tells us that the test that really tries us is when we gain victory from our defeat. Therefore the main theme of the poem is to never cease our efforts no matter what our failures maybe.

Don’t Give Up Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why does the poet not want us to stop for crying?

Answer: The poet not want us to stop for crying because he wants to tell that in order to achieve great and good things in life, we must keep trying patiently and shouldn’t stop.

Question 2: How is ‘all that’s good and great’ done?

Answer: ‘All that’s good and great’ is done through patient trying.

Question 3: How do birds become better fliers with time?

Answer: Birds become better fliers with time because with every try their wings become stronger.

Question 4: Who has risen to become ‘loftier and prouder’?

Answer: The sturdy tree has risen to become ‘loftier and prouder’.

Question 5: What does the poet feel about succeeding without being challenged?

Answer: The poet feels that if someone succeeds without being challenged then, it is not something that is worthy to be admired.

Don’t Give Up Questions & Answers

Question 6: What is the poet trying to teach us?

Answer: The poet is trying to teach us to never give up in life. She wants us to keep trying until we succeed.

Question 7: What difficulties does the young bird face while learning to fly?

Answer: The young bird keeps falling while learning to fly for a longer period of time. However, it never stops trying and eventually grows strong and learns to fly.

Question 8: How does the tree become loftier and prouder?

Answer: The tree becomes loftier and prouder only after surviving countless blows of stormy winds.

Question 9: Write some pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: The pairs of rhyming words are:
i. won – done
ii. crying – trying
iii. stronger – longer
iv. known – grown

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

She has risen again and grown
Loftier and prouder

(a) Who is ‘she’?

Answer: ‘She’ is the sturdy tree that has withstood the force of strong winds.

(b) What does the wind do to her?

Answer: The wind tries to bow her down and bend her by its force.

(c) How does she rise again?

Answer: She rises proudly higher than before.

So, these were Don’t Give Up Questions & Answers.

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