Eating Habits of Animals Questions & Answers

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Eating Habits of Animals Questions & Answers

Question 1: Define the following terms and give two examples of each kind.

(a) Carnivores
These are the animals that eat only the flesh of other animals.
For example – lion, tiger

(b) Herbivores
Animals that eat only plants are called herbivores.
For example – cow, giraffe

(c) Omnivores
Animals that eat both plants and the flesh of other animals are called omnivores.
For example – bear, crow

Question 2: Name the kind of animal with clues given:

(a) Has sharp and broad front teeth – Herbivores
(b) Has long, sharp and pointed front teeth – Carnivores
(c) Has flat broad teeth to chew the plant food and sharp pointed teeth to eat flesh also – Omnivores

Question 3: Explain what is a Food chain? Give two examples of food chains.

Answer: A chain that shows how plants are eaten by animals, and then animals are eaten by other animals is called a food chain (Who eats whom).
For example –
1. Grass →Deer → Tiger
2. Carrot → Rabbit → Fox

Eating Habits of Animals Questions & Answers

Question 4: Explain the mouth parts of the following animals:

(a) Butterfly
Answer: Long and hollow tube like mouth called proboscis to suck nectar.

(b) Snake
Answer: It can swallow animals bigger than their own heads as their jaws can open out and mouth becomes very big.

(c) Frog / Lizard /Chameleon
Answer: Have long and sticky tongue to catch their food. They swallow their food without chewing.

(d) Mosquito
Answer: It has a sharp and hollow tube in its mouth to suck blood.

Question 5: Explain the term ‘chewing a cud’. Give two examples of cud chewing animals.

Answer: Some herbivores at the time of grazing swallow their food without chewing it. Later, they bring it back to the mouth (called cud) and chew it properly. This is called ‘chewing the cud’.
For example – cow, buffalo.

Question 6: Answer the following:

(a) It uses its tongue to catch food – Frog
(b) Example of an animal with sharp, pointed front teeth – Tiger
(c) Sucks the nectar of flowers – Butterfly
(d) Example of an animal with long trunk – Elephant

Question 7: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
a. Herbivorousi. Butterfly
b. Omnivorousii. Lion
c. Carnivorousiii. Only plants
d. Sharp teethiv. Only animals
e. Liquid foodv. Plants & animals
Answer: a-iii, b-v, c-iv, d-ii, e-i.

Question 8: Write True or False:

(a) All animals have teeth – False
(b) Frogs eat small insects – True
(c) Some animals do not chew their food at all – False
(d) Mosquitoes chew and eat their food – False
(e) Food chain starts with animals – False

So, these were Eating Habits of Animals Questions & Answers.

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