Elephants Raid The Kitchen Questions & Answers

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Elephants Raid The Kitchen Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option

(a) She stopped feeding, and rumbled gently. Tuskless ‘rumbled’

i. to signal other elephants to come.
ii. to scare humans away.
iii. to shake the bananas lose.
iv. to show reluctance to move out.

(b) Each elephant grabbed a last trunk full and started backing or turning away, reluctantly abandoning the banquet. The elephants left ‘reluctantly’ because

i. they were scared of the sound of the engine.
ii. they wanted to look for more food in the collapsed kitchen.
iii. there was no food in the forest.
iv. they had had their fill and it was difficult to move.

Question 2: Who was Tuskless? How was she drawn to the camp?

Answer: Tuskless was a female elephant. She was drawn to the camp by the delicious odour of ripe bananas, which was passing through the air where the food was kept.

Question 3: How had Tuskless developed a taste for bananas?

Answer: Tuskless once managed to have a whole stalk of overripe, fermented bananas from the wheelbarrow of the man who visited twice a day at the lodge feeding place. She enjoyed the smell and savoured the sweet taste of bananas. From that day particularly she developed a taste for bananas.

Question 4: How did the elephants enter the kitchen?

Answer: Tuskless reached her trunk out and felt the outer wall of the kitchen. She wrapped her trunk around the sisal pole and pulled and wrenched it away. The other elephants also started moving forward and pulled the poles and wires. Tuskless made a hole in the wall of the kitchen. She leaned her head against the wall of the kitchen and pushed it, the building swayed and collapsed. Thus, the elephants made their way to the kitchen.

Question 5: Getting food out of the tent was not easy for Tuskless. Explain.

Answer: As the food was stored at the other side of the kitchen, Tuskless had to collapse the wall by pushing it through her head and had to get the food by knocking down cupboards and breaking open the trunks. Hence, getting the food out of the tent was not easy for Tuskless.

Question 6: What was ‘near ecstasy’ for the raiders?

Answer: The elephants found their favourite fruit banana followed by other delicious fruits like pineapple, oranges, mangoes and papaya. Their tempting mouths were filled the fruit juices and then they had while lot of vegetable, breads, cookies and crackers. That raid was a definitely a feast for them. This feast was ‘near ecstasy’ for the raiders.

Question 7: What did the narrator first do on her arrival at the camp?

Answer: As soon as the narrator realized that the kitchen was raided by the elephants, she tried to chase them away. During the raid a big fridge was pulled, dragged and disconnected from its gas cylinder which resulted in the leakage of a harmful gas. The narrator could hear and smell the gas and quickly removed the regulator to close off the valve and controlled the gas leakage, averting a huge fire accident, which could have resulted in killing or wounding the elephant gang.

Question 8: Why did the narrator blame herself for the mess?

Answer: The narrator’s cook and the camp worker had left on a five day leave and the narrator herself had gone out for eating without storing the food properly. The narrator blamed herself for the mess as she should have taken precautions to avoid the raid.

So, these were Elephants Raid The Kitchen Questions & Answers.

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